Dhiraagu to lay “underwater highway” by June 2012

Dhiraagu, a major telecom company in the Maldives, expects to have its sub-marine communications cable installed by June 2012. This is the latest phase in its High-Speed Network Roll-Out Program.

As part of a US$28.2 million, five-year upgrade, Head of Networks Umayr Shafeeu said the cable will act as “an underwater highway,” connecting most Maldivian islands with improved bandwidth and high-speed internet access.

Shafeeu said the cable will be a significant change for the Maldives. “Connecting people is the single biggest and most difficult thing in the Maldives,” he said. “The country is very isolated, and although we have provided cell phone service it is not enough. Now, people need TV, high-speed, wireless–all these things require a lot of bandwidth.”

Recently, the Maldivian government was criticised by the opposition for releasing a third of its Dhiraagu shares to the public. “I think it’s essentially a good move,” said Dhiraagu Head of Marketing, Ahmed Maumoon. “Of course it’s a government decision, but from a personal point of view it’s good for the public to take part in a profitable and sustainable company.”

Maumoon said the public could gain confidence from the re-distribution of shares.


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  1. Great. Now rest of the Maldives will enjoy high speed internet and high definition TV!


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