Housing minister hopes to sign amended TATA contract next week

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr Mohamed Muiz has expressed hope that the amended contract with Indian infrastructure giant TATA Housing regarding the construction of two apartment complexes can be signed next week.

“Based on the most recent communication, we estimate that the amended contract will be signed next week, that is if no further reasons for delays come up,” Muiz told local media.

He stated that the company was expected to commence work on the two sites within a period of 45 days after the signing of the contract, and to complete the projects within a year.

The deal – first signed in 2010 – has faced repeated delays after successive governments sought amendments to the original contract.

“In addition to this project, there is also work on an additional 150 flats that need to be started,” Muizzu said yesterday.

The minister explained that previous delays in signing the agreement had occurred due to the actions of TATA Housing.

After deliberation by the cabinet’s economic council in July, the Housing Ministry had announced intentions of resuming the projects under a revised contract.

The government of Maldives contracted Apex Realty Pvt Ltd – a joint venture between TATA Housing Development and SG 18 Realty – to construct residential apartment complexes on four separate sites in capital Malé city in May 2010.

Work commenced on the Gaakoshi site and former Arabiyya School premises, but was later halted due to pending resolution of numerous contractual issues.

While reasons suggested for the delay included shortages in construction materials and the incumbent government’s reclamation of land plots included in the original deal, TATA was reported in Indian media as expressing concern that local politics were endangering their investments.

Apex Realty also released a press statement in May 2014 indicating its intention to commence work on the apartment complexes within 45 days of getting the final approval from the government of Maldives for the amended contract.

“We are committed to the Maldives project and can start the project within 45 days after the final nod is received from the Housing Ministry and contract amendment is signed,” Apex Realty Director Sandeep Ahuja stated at the time.


7 thoughts on “Housing minister hopes to sign amended TATA contract next week”

  1. Tata Housing Development you have my deepest sympathy.
    Lets hope you guys get paid.

  2. Maldivians were promised residential/business highrises. At best, they got a walled off wild garden that would serve as a heat-sink to the concrete jungle - at worst, a 'mosque' in the maafannu district that has become a hangout/front for drug dealers.

  3. @MissIndia. We really don't need this TATA company . This was another corrupt deal done by Nasheed.

    Please stop meddling with Maldives and try to and advocate the basic human rights in your country. Try to provide, basic health, education and clean water , sewer facilities to 60% of your population who have been deprived from those necessities .

    We do not need TATA to come build houses in Maldives.

  4. Tata and all other Indian infrastructural companies should take the payment upfront.
    There could be a change of government next week and the new incumbents could easily do another GMR and renege on the contract.
    @ Hero
    For a country that has laid siege to our colleges and hospitals, I think it is a bit rich for you to be lecturing us on developing these sectors. Do us all a favour and keep away.

  5. India is well known for corruption, this development must be closely watched to insure proper materials. Furthermore Indian workers shall follow Islam while here and not attempting to spread Hinduism or Buddha worship.

    When Adhaalath party wins this contract will cancel, with leading companies from Pakistan and Iran brought into fix another mess from India.

  6. @MissIndia. Pls go and read country report produced by UN and other international community. You will see that 60% your population lives below then poverty line and they don't have basic health, education and clean water and shelter . Even your PM had admitted few weeks back and he has started to put extra effort to provide the toilet facilities for everyone.

    If your hospitals are flooded with Maldivian, this means you are earning millions from us and its a business.

    TATA deal was another huge corruption and contract was initially awarded to another company and then later TATA made a deal with Nasheed and changed entire contract where TATAT and Nasheed were abel to earn million out the deal.

    Don't think by having flooded your comments in this forum will get any sympathy to bring back GMR and we will not allow GMR to come back to take our airport.


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