Director General of Elections Commission sacked “without warning”

Director general of the Elections Commission (EC), Mohamed Tholal, has been dismissed without warning, reports Sun Online.

It has been reported that Tholal was informed his association with the Athletics Association, for which he receives no salary, was cited as the reason for his dismissal.

Secretary General of Elections Commission, Asim Abdul Sattar, told Sun that Tholal’s dismissal had been in line with EC regulations.

Tholal himself is reported to have Tweeted on the subject: “The reason for my dismissal is to retaliate because we protested, and also because votes cannot be rigged at 2013 Elections if we are there.”

Tholal’s dismissal comes as the country’s independent institutions come under increasing scrutiny as additional pressure is placed upon them following the fallout from the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI).


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  1. Obviously...this is one of many steps you will see happen before the next elections. Can't wait to see who replaces him. What a joke.


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