Dr Didi launches campaign for MDP top post

Former Fisheries Minister Dr Ibrahim Didi launched his campaign for the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) presidency Friday night at the party’s ‘Haruge’ (camp) in Male’.

According to Haveeru, Didi proposed the creation of permanent committees as required by party regulations as well as a mechanism to oversee the implementation of the MDP Manifesto.

In the absence of such activities, said Didi, the party would not have “anything much to sell to the people” in the next election.

Setting himself apart from his opponent in the MDP internal election, Didi claimed that unlike acting MDP President Ibrahim Hussein Zaki, he did not have “one iota of experience in the past 30 years of brutal and dictatorial rule.”

Before the formation of MDP and the reform movement, Zaki had been a high-profile minister in former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s cabinet.


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  1. Politics is a very dirty game. Much more so than 40y fisherman's teeth.

    Are you sure you want to enter the Maldivian Mafia circle?


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