PPM accuses JP of backing MDP, claims any vote for Gasim “a waste”

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has suggested that Jumhooree Party (JP) presidential candidate Gasim Ibrahim is “stuck” under the influence of advisers sympathetic to his political rivals.

Speaking to local media yesterday, PPM candidate Abdulla Yameen’s election agent suggested that former Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) members within the JP were working to bring former President Mohamed Nasheed back to power.

“Lately we haven’t seen any campaigning from Gasim. Or Gasim pitching his policies or manifesto. All we’re seeing him do is complain and launch attacks against rival candidates,” Abdulla Ameen told local media.

After both the PPM and the JP had mooted the idea of backing a single anti-Nasheed candidate in the upcoming vote, it was revealed by local media yesterday that the parties could not agree on a candidate.

Whilst the JP were said to have favoured incumbent President Dr Mohamed Waheed as the sole candidate, Yameen was reported to have rejected the proposal.

Campaigning for the presidential elections resumed in earnest last week after the Supreme Court scheduled a new date for the first round, annulling the previous poll held on September 7.

The court’s investigation of potentially fraudulent voting was initiated by Gasim’s JP after it finished in third place, just 2,677 votes behind the PPM.

Ameen yesterday predicted that Gasim would again fail to reach the run-off in Saturday’s re-scheduled election, branding any vote cast for the JP candidate “a waste”.

Current JP President Ibrahim Didi – formerly president of the MDP – has dismissed the PPM’s claims.

“It’s not true,” he explained, “But the reality is that the majority of members of JP don’t support PPM leadership in their policies.”

Didi left the MDP in acrimonious circumstances shortly after Nasheed’s controversial resignation in February 2012.

MP Alhan Fahmy left the MDP at the same time after both he and Didi were accused of making statements contrary to the MDP’s official position that the February transfer of power had amounted to a coup.

Fahmy has since returned to the MDP, as has former JP member Abdulla Jabir – both of whom have a history of party switching.

Gasim and Nasheed met last month to discuss matters of national interest and the maintenance of stability and public order.

Speculation regarding potential coalitions would prove premature following the court’s recent verdict, though when asked following the pair’s meeting Gasim stated that he bore no personal animosity towards any other candidates.

Nasheed meanwhile said that Gasim was “a family friend since childhood” who has offered good advice and counsel throughout the years.

The JP were initially aligned with the MDP following Nasheed’s victory over 30-year autocrat Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in the 2008 presidential election.

The coalition lasted just a few months, with the JP later going on to form part of the ‘December 23’ coalition which led months of protest calling for the protection of Islam against the so-called irreligious policies of Nasheed’s government.

After subsequent unrest preceded a police mutiny and Nasheed’s resignation, the JP went on to form part of Dr Mohamed Waheed’s national unity government.

Waheed last week opted to withdraw from the re-scheduled election after receiving just five percent of the popular vote in the initial poll last month.


9 thoughts on “PPM accuses JP of backing MDP, claims any vote for Gasim “a waste””

  1. Sounds worse than a Bollywood plot at this rate. Or more likely a Latino soap opera. With the mother of Supreme Courts behind the lens. Can't keep up with the episodes in this telenovela - the plot is zigzagging far too fast for those who aren't tanked up with Red Bull....Bring on those elections and lets move on... if we can. Life will be more humdrum perhaps (surely no one can compete in the drama stakes with PPM/JP and Oscar winners Adhaalath - but we will all be the better for it. They can all retire to their tax havens with all their trophies and let us breathe..

  2. Dear ToxicT, if you, in Male, find all this confusing, just imagine what the rest of the world would be feeling!

    Well, twenty years after leaving your country, I still know most of the major players; although your tiny country isn't hitting the world news headlines, I'm sure that some guys like me who have been following events closely. Well, from here it is clear that only one man can be acceptable as President, and that's Anni. All this skullduggery is sad, and could even become tragic. They could quite literally destroy Anni; let's hope we're NOT going to see such a calamity - which alone can now forestall a victory for Anni and the people of the Maldives.

    Can't these jokers who expect rewards of virgins in heaven comprehend what suffering they could cause owing to their stubbornness? They probably can't. This lunatic fringe comprise the dangerous ones. Gasim and the Gay-yooms are shrewd enough not to go too far. One shudders at the thought of what cycles of violence are in store before life becomes (as you pt it) mercifully "humdrum" once more.

    Good luck, Anni and the MDP!

  3. Whatever one thinks of Gasim, clearly he is no fool! Even Gasim realises that the terrible duo of Yameen/Jameel are not electable material at all.

    Gasim can clearly feel the direction the voters are going and that they've abandoned that terrible duo. And that's no surprise. Jameel is like an old woman who won't stop bickering about everyone else. Together, Yameen and Jameel are like a pair of hammerhead sharks (with the same amount of charisma) looking for something to destroy and shred!

    May Allah show Gasim the right path and join forces with all those who love democracy and prevent the Maldives from falling into the hands of family rule once again.

  4. Complete mess caused by the characters of the old dictatorship. What outrageous corruption and neglect of human rights. All the candidates except Nasheed are unelectable. Yameen should be behind bars, we all know he is a criminal.

  5. Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb: "Jameel is like an old woman who won’t stop bickering about everyone else."

    Please do not degrade old women!

  6. gasim's un-baagification process is almost complete. like thasmeen. power is more important than justice.

  7. Love to see this rivalry between these two. Something I have foreseen. And I have never seen MDP in such a stronger position. It is their brute hard work specially MN and the activist team.

  8. Sri Lankan Teacher.

    Hey man, you should spread word on how your fellow countrymen and women are exploited here. Help place a comprehensive ban on sending workers here until the regime is toppled.


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