Dr Shaheed visits New York to lobby Maldives’ candidature for Human Rights Council

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ahmed Shaheed travelled to New York last Wednesday to lobby and seek support from UN Member States for the Maldives’ candidature to the Human Rights Council.

This is the first time the Maldives has sought membership for a major UN body. There are four seats for the Asian Group, and Maldives will be running against Malaysia, Thailand, Iran and Qatar.

Dr Shaheed met with representatives from several countries, and held a special meeting with members of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to gain support for candidature.

Several countries pledged their support to the Maldives, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq among others.

Dr Shaheed had visited the Human Rights Council in Geneva in early March to announce and lobby the Maldives’ candidature for the post.

The elections will be held during the second week of May at the UN Headquarters in New York.