Education minister says Pakistani visa process should be simplified

State Minister of Education Aminath Ali has highlighted the need to simplify the Pakistani visa procedure for Maldivian students hoping to enter the country’s higher-learning institutions, reports the country’s associated press.

Aminath is said to to have made the suggestion during a meeting with other ministry officials, claiming prospective institutions should be authorised to recommend student applications to the country’s foreign office as is standard practice elsewhere.

She is said to have been particularly interested in students being enrolled in courses teaching sharia and law, such as the International Islamic University and the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST).


2 thoughts on “Education minister says Pakistani visa process should be simplified”

  1. Becareful what you wish for, and of course Pakistan is the centre of the world for educational excellence.... on what? Taliban studies and explosive chemistry.

  2. What will really help us now and in the forever future, is to AVOID Pakistan like bubonic plague, as though it does not exist.

    Do not send any Maldivian to Pakistan. Do not allow them to land here.

    We should start a demonstration against anyone who wants to improve relations.


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