Four bilateral agreements signed with Pakistan

The Maldives has signed four Memorandums of Understanding with Pakistan today during president Abdulla Yameen’s ongoing two-day state visit.

The MoUs were for mutual cooperation in healthcare, education, sports, and combating drug abuse.

President Yameen was accompanied by first lady Fathmath Ibrahim, speaker of parliament Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed, and cabinet ministers. The delegation is due to return tonight.

President Mamnoon Hussain hosted a banquet in honour of president Yameen last night. The pair held talks on strengthening bilateral ties earlier in the day.

“President Yameen thanked his Pakistani counterpart for the excellent hospitality extended to himself and his delegation,” said the president’s office.

“President Yameen also extended an invitation to President Mamnoon Hussain to visit the Maldives at his earliest convenience. At the meeting, both the leaders deliberated on enhancing trade and cultural exchanges, as well as expanding the scope of investment opportunities. Discussions were also held on supporting each other in the global arena.”

Yameen has also reportedly invited prime minister Mohamed Nawaz Shareef to attend an official function due to be held on July 26 to mark the golden jubilee of the Maldives’ independence.


4 thoughts on “Four bilateral agreements signed with Pakistan”

  1. That's right: cosy up to the few that will take you in: guess what they all have in common...

  2. Do you see a pattern here? Whenever there's pressure on the Maldives from the international community, the tyrant flees as quickly as he can to any country that will allow him in. During the last episode he escaped to Saudi Arabia.

    Partly, it's to fulfil his ego, and partly to shore up his flogging credibility by trying to show his followers that there are still come countries that will invite him in!

  3. The silent hidden secret, behind the president Yameen's recent Pakistan official visit is to make our big brother INDIA to bow down in his front. a silly mad man.


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