Education Ministry decides to hold resit of Sunday’s SSC Dhivehi exam

The Education Ministry has decided to hold a resit for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Dhivehi examination that took place last Sunday after discovering that the questions were too similar to a specimen paper prepared in April.

Newspaper Haveeru reported that a committee formed to look into declining grades for SSC Islam and Dhivehi subjects recommended changes to the syllabus last year and prepared a specimen paper.

“A parent called yesterday and said that his child told him that the Dhivehi exam was very easy as it had the same questions in the specimen paper. We crosschecked the specimen and the test paper and found that the two papers had similar questions. We decided to hold the exam again in order to avoid any confusion about the examination,” Deputy Education Minister Dr Abdulla Nazeer was quoted as saying.

The resit has been scheduled for November 19, he said.

The Department of Public Examinations (DPE) has meanwhile launched an investigation.

“The questions about ‘Raivaru’, poem and essay were similar [to the specimen paper]. The letter writing question only had the receiver’s address changed. The students thoroughly practiced the specimen paper because major changes were brought to this year’s examination,” a Dhivehi teacher from a secondary school in Male told Haveeru.


3 thoughts on “Education Ministry decides to hold resit of Sunday’s SSC Dhivehi exam”

  1. And then these idiots will complain they are professionals and not being paid enough!

  2. There are too many problems with the way the examinations are being conducted by DPE. What about the N. Milandhoo issue with the CIE examination last year? What about the Maamigili issue this year? And now this... this is disgraceful! Ahmed Shakeeb has to resign from his post as Director General of DPE.


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