Education Ministry hits back at Sheikh Ilyas

The Education Ministry has strongly condemned Sheikh Ilyas Hussein for claiming that senior officials at the ministry “do not accept Islamic principles.”

A strongly-worded statement issued by the ministry on Monday notes that Ilyas’ remarks at an Adhaalath Party religious sermon on April 22 was “unacceptable,” defamatory and disrespectful to the dignity of education sector officials.

“The whole philosophy of education in the Maldives is built upon Islamic principles,” it reads.

The ministry was moreover “extremely concerned” that a political party was spreading falsehoods about the education sector that could “unsettle the public.”

The Education Ministry has come into conflict with the religious conservative Adhaalath Party during the ongoing process of revising the national curriculum for the first time since 1984, notably after a now-retracted decision by the curriculum revision steering committee to make Islam and Dhivehi optional subjects for A’ Level students.


5 thoughts on “Education Ministry hits back at Sheikh Ilyas”

  1. I would have considered this 'hard hitting' if the Education ministry had stuck with its plans to modernize the country's education - by at least improving the chances at university education.

    This looks like defensive posturing to me.

  2. Whose principles and whose definition and whose interpretations - which school of thought? Adhalath Party's?

  3. Religion is adhalaths main political game card. Ofcourse, they (adhalath) will have an opinion on it even if the senior education ministry officials take a leak!

  4. The day the Moroccan, Mr Barakat, landed here, we lost the freedom that we enjoyed for centuries before. And then we became slaves. And we still are enslaved, both physically and by mentally as well.


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