Eight foot long ‘cross’ discovered on uninhabited island

A eight foot long ‘cross-shaped’ object have been discovered on an uninhabited island in Gaafu Alifi Atoll, reports Haveeru.

Haveeru reported that the object was discovered by a group of people who visited the island.

According to Haveeru, Councilor of Gemanafushi [an island nearby], said the item “is a cross. But the lessee claims that it was an instrument used on speedboats. But I do not see another use of it.”.

The police are now investigating the case.


2 thoughts on “Eight foot long ‘cross’ discovered on uninhabited island”

  1. Oh great.

    Beardees, go for it. Time for cutting down all trees in the island and executing anyone who has ever been on that island!

  2. This must mean Jebus is true.

    "The police are now investigating ..."

    Good to see they have their priorities straight.


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