Elections Commission faces “major challenges” over “lack of funds”

The Elections Commission announced yesterday (May 8 ) that it was facing “major challenges” preparing for the upcoming elections due to a “lack of funds”.

Elections Commission Member Ali Mohamed Manik told local media the commission requires over MVR 80 million (US$ 5,232,160) to hold the upcoming elections.

The EC has meanwhile declared it will publish the voter registry in the government gazette later this month, reports local media.

Manik also announced that the voter registry is almost fully updated and the commission plans to publish the list May 21, so to give the public an opportunity to verify the information and file complaints if revisions are needed.

Regarding ballot box placement, Manik said that there will be 556 ballot boxes for the presidential election, 355 in the atolls, 55 at resorts, while the remainder will be divided between Male’, industrial islands, and prisons.

Manik also urged voters registered in Male’ Dhaftharu – a special registry for people who are Male’ residents, but are from other islands – to provide the Elections Commission with their current addresses as soon as possible.