EC providing 473 ballot boxes for 239,868 eligible voters during presidential election runoff

The Elections Commission (EC) has announced 275 new eligible voters will be added to the registry and 4 additional ballot boxes will be needed for the presidential election’s second round runoff scheduled for Saturday (September 28), reports local media.

The addition of newly turned 18 year-old voters and the subtraction of individuals who the EC has confirmed recently died has brought the total number of registered voters nationwide to 239,868.

Additionally, three ballot boxes will be placed on resort islands in the Maldives, while a ballot box will also be stationed in Medina, near Riyadh in Saudi Arabia for Maldivian Hajj pilgrims, EC Secretary General Asim Abdul Sattar told local media. However, a ballot box will not be available on Lily Beach Resort, as it was during the first round of polling.

Thus, ballot boxes stationed in the Maldives and in various locations worldwide will total 473.

During the presidential election’s first round, held on September 7, 470 ballot boxes were needed to accommodate 239,593 eligible voters. Ultimately voter turnout totalled 88.44 percent, with 211,890 people having cast ballots.


Elections Commission faces “major challenges” over “lack of funds”

The Elections Commission announced yesterday (May 8 ) that it was facing “major challenges” preparing for the upcoming elections due to a “lack of funds”.

Elections Commission Member Ali Mohamed Manik told local media the commission requires over MVR 80 million (US$ 5,232,160) to hold the upcoming elections.

The EC has meanwhile declared it will publish the voter registry in the government gazette later this month, reports local media.

Manik also announced that the voter registry is almost fully updated and the commission plans to publish the list May 21, so to give the public an opportunity to verify the information and file complaints if revisions are needed.

Regarding ballot box placement, Manik said that there will be 556 ballot boxes for the presidential election, 355 in the atolls, 55 at resorts, while the remainder will be divided between Male’, industrial islands, and prisons.

Manik also urged voters registered in Male’ Dhaftharu – a special registry for people who are Male’ residents, but are from other islands – to provide the Elections Commission with their current addresses as soon as possible.


33 islands will not receive ballot boxes for PPM presidential primary election

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has decided 33 islands in the Maldives will not receive ballot boxes for its upcoming presidential primary election.

PPM Election Committee Member Mohamed Tholal told local media on Tuesday (March 19) that islands with less than 18 PPM will not receive the ballot boxes.

Local media reported that PPM members who reside within the 33 islands not chosen to receive a ballot box will still be able to vote at islands where the ballot boxes are placed.

According to local media, the islands chosen to not receive the ballot boxes are Haa Alif Mulhadhoo, Haa Alif Thurakunu, Shaviyani Kan’ditheem, Shaviyani Maaun’gudhoo, Shaviyani Maroshi, Shaviyani Noomaraa, Noonu Kudafaree, Shaviyani An’golhitheem, Raa Fainu, Baa Dhonfanu, Baa Fehendhoo, Baa Goidhoo, Baa Hithaadhoo, Baa Kamadhoo, Baa Kihaadhoo, Baa Kudarikilu, Alif Alif Feridhoo, Alif Alif Maalhos, Alif Dhaalu Dhigurah, Alif Dhaalu Fenfushi, Alif Dhaalu Kun’burudhoo, Alif Dhaalu Mandhoo, Alif Dhaalu Dhidhdhoo, Vaavu Keyodhoo, Vaavu Rakeedhoo, Vaavu Thinadhoo, Meemu Raiymandhoo, Faafu Magoodhoo, Dhaalu Ban’didhoo, Dhaalu Hulhudheli, Dhaalu Maaen’boodhoo, Dhaalu Meedhoo and Laamu Gaadhoo.

The PPM Election Committee has announced a total of 172 ballot boxes will be placed in 148 islands for its primary elections.

Both Abdulla Yameen and Umar Naseer are competing for presidential primary scheduled for March 30.