EU delegation “shocked” to discover fake statement

The European Union (EU) delegation to the Maldives, resident in Colombo, Sri Lanka, has threatened legal action against the perpetrators of a false statement supporting former President Mohamed Nasheed’s arrest and prosecution.

In a press release on February 26, the EU delegation said it was “shocked to discover that somebody has circulated” a false statement which purports to be an EU Joint Local Statement on the rule of law in the Maldives dated 26 February 2015.”

The press release explained that the false document stated that the delegation “remains confident that the nature of the charges are in keeping with international best practices and conventions. We are satisfied with the assurances that former President Nasheed will be provided effective and appropriate legal representation at the court hearing”.

However, the statement was “an untrue representation of the position of the EU Delegation.”

The press release added that the EU Delegation “reserves its right to take legal action against the perpetrators of this false document.”

The EU statement on February 24 had expressed concern over Nasheed’s arrest and stated that the delegation was “seeking clarification as to the nature of charges.”


4 thoughts on “EU delegation “shocked” to discover fake statement”

  1. Yes, indeed, how is it that the EU etc is so stupid to support an islamic sharia extremist government. We want Nasheed to rule this country and all these entrenched rulers to be jailed for stealing what belongs to the people, treating them like slaves. It appearst that the west now supports violence and deception and no longer truth and justice.

  2. Fake or not ? Nasheed is a criminal and he had violated our constitution .

    Go back hear what he had side on live TV regarding the judge and that alone will be enough to pout him in jail.

  3. @Julean and Maldivian,

    A Platoon of Angels of EU and Sharma of Commonwealth witnessed every step of Presidential voting and declared that there were no irregularities but FAIR. Now, why do question legality of this regime? Do you want to fake the majority vote and some how install your puppet Ann i-the-vagrant?


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