EU, UN join international chorus of concern over Nasheed’s arrest, terrorism trial

The United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU) have joined a growing international chorus of concern over former President Mohamed Nasheed’s arrest and surprise trial on terrorism charges.

In a statement today, the UN urged “fairness and transparency in regards to the legal proceedings” against the former president.

The Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Jens Toyberg-Frandzen in a telephone conversation with Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon, “stressed the need for full respect for due process and transparency” in Nasheed’s trial.

He also appealed to the government to allow peaceful political dissent and to engage with the opposition in the interest of long-term political stability in the Maldives, the statement read.

At a first hearing yesterday, a visibly injured Nasheed appeared in court with his arm in a makeshift sling and repeatedly asked for medical attention and legal counsel.

Presiding Judge Abdulla Didi denied Nasheed bail and gave him three days to appoint a lawyer and answer charges.

The former opposition leader is to remain in police custody until the conclusion of the terrorism trial over the January 2012 detention of Criminal Court Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

The EU Heads of Mission and Ambassadors of Norway and Switzerland in Colombo in a statement this evening said the delegation was “very concerned” over Nasheed’s arrest and was seeking clarification as to the nature of the terrorism charges.

“Equally, reports of former President Nasheed having effectively been denied appropriate legal representation at the court hearing on 23 February 2015, are of great concern,” the statement read.

“The EU Delegation reiterates the importance of respect for democratic principles, including respect for the rule of law, for the Constitution, for due legal process and for the independence of the judiciary.”

Foreign Minster Dunya Maumoon has hit back at the UN, and previous statements by the Commonwealth and Canada, expressing disappointment over what she called biased statements.

“Those who prefer to issue public statements about an on-going legal case, or on a domestic political situation, are advised to do a basic fact-check, before bandwagoning on to accusations made by a political party,” a press release by the Foreign Ministry this afternoon said.

Dunya insisted the police followed due process and standard procedure in arresting Nasheed and presenting him at court.

“The Government of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom will not take instructions from a foreign government on any issue in governing the country,” she said.

She urged foreign countries and international organisations to “refrain from acts and signals that could undermine the sovereignty of independent states,” and said President Abdulla Yameen’s government “will implement to the letter, the decisions and verdicts of the Courts.”

It added that Nasheed was arrested with a court warrant and presented before a judge within 24 hours in accordance with “normal procedure,” after which the judge granted the former president the opportunity to appoint a lawyer.

However, Nasheed was brought to court more than 24 hours after the arrest for the first hearing of a trial on terrorism charges, rather than a remand hearing.

Meanwhile, the Asian Centre for Human Rights has called “upon the United States, European Union, India, Singapore and others to impose a travel embargo on Prosecutor General Muhthaz Muhsin and presiding Judge Abdulla Didi for the illegal arrest and detention of Mr Nasheed.”

“The arrest and detention of former President Nasheed on terrorism charges is a grotesque act of political vendetta. The accountability of Prosecutor General Muhsin and Presiding Judge Didi must be established, including under universal jurisdiction for meting out torture, inhumane and degrading treatment to former President Nasheed in the court premises,” stated the ACHR’s Director Suhas Chakma.

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7 thoughts on “EU, UN join international chorus of concern over Nasheed’s arrest, terrorism trial”

  1. I don't know what the Maldivian Foreign Minister is smoking, but she does need a reality check.

    The whole world is aware of how the Supreme Court was "overhauled", the Auditor General sacked and all but one independent institution shoe horned into the way the Maldivian regime wants.

    The world will no longer stand by and watch countries stampeded on the rights of their citizens. This has been already shown in many cases around the world.

    Can Ms Dunya or the Maldivian Judiciary answer why Nasheed was not allowed legal representation at his first hearing on charges of terrorism? How can such a farcical situation arise? If the Maldives wants the world to turn a blind eye to events there, then go ahead and cut off ties with the rest of the world and see how far that goes.

    How many other countries of the world enjoy a Defence Minister who is charged (and not just suspected) with terrorism? Care to explain that one Ms Dunya?

  2. I don't think that Mr. Danial Bosely will ever publish this comment because it may not serve the purpose of biased reporting. Any way, I have expressed myself here as an independent and a patriot of my beloved nation. It’s all drama fit for Bollywood and wanted by MissIndiaAgarwaltheThug, Commonwealth, Canada, Australia and of course, and as always the Brit who taught their form of “democracy” to the Actor. Has former PM of the UK (Mr. Blair the liar)ever confessed that there was never Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq after having invaded Iraq??? The form of democratic state ruled “by the people, for the people and of the people” is today is a misnomer. Why are you not publishing my comments. Is it not in line with your policy???

  3. Hero was yammering about how ol' Anni 'made a deal' with the colonialists.

    I say Anni sue him for libel.

  4. @ salim:
    Whatever dunya has smoked she wouldnt be able to compete with ganja nasheed....and if you are hoping yameen will b intoxicated like nasheed was on the night before he resigned...then you need to smoke something different.
    "The world will no longer stand and watch....blah blah blah....citizens rights....blah blah blah....."
    Yeah.......thats why egypt keeps getting U.S aid money ....and zionist lobbys keep pushing to support the regime.....KNOWN for democracy n press freedom.

    lets face it......this is NOT about us individual citizens...Nor about our rights.....infact...the baaghees are driving the agenda on this one. (Gasim riyaz.nazim n co.) With funding from a neighbouring country......and once again...we arethe ones who suffer....
    Before you label me as a raagondi raja supporter.... give me GENUINE democracy movement anyday....and you will find me and many people supporting it.right now...this whole issue is a farce!

  5. I personally don't want to discuss who is smoking what, but I entirely agree with the point Salim is making.

    It must be extremely embarrassing to be the Foreign Minister of the Mldives at the moment. I suspect it is as humiliating as being the niece of the Prime Minister of Australia, and having to spew out superlatives about Mr. Abbot.I never thought I would say this, but I would rather be the niece of Mr. Abbot because he is just thick. And on a good day, he is entertaining.

    People know what is going on. The world is not blind and sadly for our 'reality check' a time will come when no one wants to tolerate the spoiled brats and their followers who choose not to understand who the real terrorists are.

  6. @latheefa the world is really blind and very biased, the proof of this is how the world act on cases of Egypt, Burma, Palestine, etc......

  7. "Reality check" may keep repeating the lies of his masters for a wad of cash.

    But there's no way an 'intoxicated man' could have escaped so agilely from the murderous invading scum when they decided to hang him - after promising to not harm him if he resigned.

    To this day, "Hero", "Reality check" and the rest of their ilk are upset about Nasheed escaping their murder gangs.


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