Expatriate arrested after alleged abuse of five year-old girl

Police have arrested a expatriate worker suspected of abusing a five year-old girl on Thoddu in Alif Alif Atoll, reports Haveeru.

The man was discovered hiding in the ceiling of an abandoned house on the island, escaping after he was brought before the island secretariat on Saturday and allegedly beaten.

Haveeru cited sources as saying that the man had been living on the island for three years and was employed in construction.


2 thoughts on “Expatriate arrested after alleged abuse of five year-old girl”

  1. i bet this guy would receive a lesser punishment than the skinny dipper, or the playboy magazine man.

    What a fking joke.

  2. hoo hum, what the fck is going wrong in this country- school kids being lured to guest houses, underage special needs kids being molested, raping of elderly, bestiality, child abuse reported every day, fabulous Maldves-the sunny side of life.

    Wake up government and pass some god damn proper laws, I should stand for office, at least I would have the balls to stand up and sort these fckers out-HARSHER SENTENCES NEEDED


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