Expatriate hospitalised after mugging

An Indian national was stabbed in the back and robbed of Rf10,000 (US$778) in cash by two men on a motorcycle at around 11:00am this morning near the Artificial Beach in Male’.

Local media reports that the Indian man, Augustin Raj Elias, was attacked in Henveiru Roashanee Magu while he was on his way back to the Plaza Textile shop where he is an employee.

An employee at the shop explained to newspaper Haveeru that the victim was returning from the bank after changing Rf500 notes, adding that the perpetrators must have tailed him from the bank.

The employee said that Raj had been taken to the operation theatre in the afternoon and his condition was improving.

Eyewitnesses meanwhile told local media that a security camera at the nearby PC World shop must have caught the incident.

While the number plates had been removed from the Yamaha motorcycle, eyewitnesses said, the two men had not covered their faces for the daylight robbery.


4 thoughts on “Expatriate hospitalised after mugging”

  1. And you know what they say "Sorry guys its nothing personal. Just business"

    And even those who saw the incident, would claim they were in Hulhumale, just so as to avoid backlash.

    What a sorry, soddy state we are in.

  2. Best of luck trying to get some justice there.......... i feel for you.....j

  3. dont these people have no family, no pride or dignity? we used to be such a proud,honest nation and now our own people acting like animals robbing stubbing people for 10.000 mrf.???
    i blame the families for the terrible upbringing of their children. or do we really believe the families don't see that their children turned into thugs.???
    if my kids would do (or even i just suspect) that i would report that myself to the police.

  4. please also don't complain again about old government, new government and the police....
    this criminal development in the country has to be sorted in their immediate families.
    we should stop always blaming someone else for our own issues. report your own child if you feel he is becoming a thug, then things will be sorted.


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