Family of murder victim demand death penalty

The heirs of Mariyam Sheereen, who was found dead at a construction site in Male’ on January 2, 2010, have asked for the death penalty against the accused.

Under Islamic sharia, the victim’s family or heirs are given a choice to either insist on the death penalty, or to pardon the perpetrator and accept monetary compensation for their loss (Quran 2:178).

According to newspaper Haveeru, Sheereen’s heirs appeared in court yesterday and demanded the death penalty be enforced against Mohamed Najah, Sheereen’s former boyfriend.

Following the investigation, police revealed at the time that her body was put into a small suitcase and transported to a construction site by taxi cab.


One thought on “Family of murder victim demand death penalty”

  1. Lets pray for justice for the family members who have been robbed of their mum, daughter, sister, aunt who will bear their scars of their loss forever.


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