Arham’s father asks for death sentence for son’s killers

The father of Mohamed Arham, a 16-year-old murdered in a gang attack in Malé in 2012, has asked for the death penalty for the four defendants.

Arham’s father Abdul Ghafoor Ali was brought to Criminal Court today, reported Haveeru, and asked whether he wanted blood money, to forgive the defendants, or the death penalty if they are found guilty of stabbing Arham to death.

“I want the death penalty,” Gafoor had reportedly said.

The four defendants of the case are Sufyan Ali from Gaafu Dhaalu Gahdhoo, Mohamed Wisam and Mansoor Yoosuf from Laamu Maavah, and Athif Rasheed from the capital Malé.

Out of the four, Sufiyan was reported to have spoken in court today, complaining of the long period they had been held in detention, saying that justice would be served by concluding the sentencing.

Arham, who had no criminal record, was found in dead inside ‘Lorenzo Park’ in Henveiru ward with several stab wounds, with police later saying he had been the victim of a gang feud.

The government has since moved to end the 60-year moratorium on the death penalty, announcing last April that executions could start after those facing death sentences had exhausted all their appeals.

Source: Haveeru