Fenaka says halted Biwater projects unrelated to political turmoil

Government utilities corporation Fenaka has denied that changes to a sewage project in Addu Atoll were influenced by February’s transfer of political power, according to Sun Online.

UK company Biwater International Ltd signed an agreement with the Southern Utilities Company to improve the supply of drinking water and sewage treatment in South Province.

The Fenaka Corporation has claimed that the decision to remove the sewerage work from Addu, and to halt all the company’s projects in Fuvahmulah, was due to the company’s failure to provide the $27million (MVR415.8 million) originally agreed upon.

It added that the decision to halt the Fuvamulah projects had been made before the change of government.

The Fenaka Corporation was established to take over from the seven utility corporations established during the administration of former President Mohamed Nasheed, under its policy of decentralisation.


2 thoughts on “Fenaka says halted Biwater projects unrelated to political turmoil”

  1. these projects were not real projects and it was dreamy projects to win the hearts and mind of Adduvan by Anni.

    I also can say that I am going to spend 3 trillion dollars projects in Addu to improve and Addu city and I have started to the initial feasibility now. ? I can make headline by boasting this and once headlines are made, I can just ignored and then next election, I will again go back and will do something to fool the people.

    Basically , any one can say anything in this society and this is so called democracy in Maldives.


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