Ferry service interrupted in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll, claims Atoll Council

The Gaaf Dhaal Atoll Council has accused Trinus-CAE Pvt Ltd of ceasing ferry services in the Upper South Province.

The private company was contracted to provide ferry services in November 2009 under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) policy of the ousted Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government.

In a press statement yesterday, the MDP-majority council based in Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo expressed “serious concern” with the failure of both the Transport Ministry and Trinus to reply to the council’s written complaints regarding the cessation of ferry services.

As a result, the statement read, the council was receiving a number of complaints from citizens inconvenienced by the unavailability of the intra-atoll ferry service. The council also revealed that it had requested annulling an agreement with the Transport Ministry to monitor ferry services.

“The council believes that since the company that provides this service in the atoll has been given an uninhabited island [under the PPP programme] and continues to reap benefits from the island, the public should receive adequate services,” the statement read.

The council statement went on to characterise the “inconsistent” services provided by the company as politically motivated, adding that the government’s failure to remedy the situation was “regrettable.”


One thought on “Ferry service interrupted in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll, claims Atoll Council”

  1. these transport system is not going to function. Just giving a bare Island to some of Anni supporter does not help to generate money to support the system, and it is just a myth.

    These people thought having Island to develop a resort is going to attract the investors and then investors will put their money into the project because it was given the champion of our democracy.

    But investor confidence in Maldives was done from the time Anni took the office and when he started talk about sinking of Maldives, and announce of looking for a land in India or Australia for Maldivian.

    Investors lost the confidence in the guy when the guy started to lease the Island without having any plan . When foreign investor look for an investment they will want to know how many Island will be given in 5 years and 10 years period minimum .

    Since no one knows what the plan was at any time, investor were hesitant to put the money in and that is why those transport system was not feasible and are now not able to sustain.


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