Former political appointees and staff of abolished Transport Ministry to be transferred

Political appointees from the defunct Transport Ministry have been moved to other departments.

Civil Service Commission Secretary General Mohamed Faizal has confirmed that none of the civil servants who worked there would lose their jobs.

“We are currently in the process of transferring them to the ministries to which the departments they served under have been delegated. They will be getting their salaries without interruption even while we are working on the transfers,” Faizal explained.

Faizal stated that the staff do not have a say regarding which ministry they are transferred to, and that the commission will instead be transferring them to whichever ministry is currently delegated with running their previous department.

According to him, no changes will be brought to their posts or salaries as a result of the change.

Former Ministers of State for Transport and Communication Abdul Latheef Mohamed and Mohamed Anees have been appointed to the same posts at the Ministry of Economic Development, the President’s Office has revealed.

Their colleague, Minister of State Mohamed Ibrahim, has also been transferred to the same post at the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Meanwhile, the removal of Deputy Transport Minister Ikram Hassan and Executive Coordinator Mohamed Azeem have been announced today. Three other deputy ministers were also removed from their posts with the abolition of the ministry on June 19.

Work conducted at the ministry has since been delegated to other ministries and institutions.

The Regional Airports Department has been transferred to the Ministry of Tourism, while the Transport Authority has been transferred to the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Communications Authority of Maldives was transferred under the Ministry of Home Affairs, although a number of other functions formerly fulfilled by the Transport Ministry have been delegated to the Environment, Home, Economic Development and Finance ministries.

Following the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives severing its coalition agreement with the Jumhooree Party(JP) in May, President Abdulla Yameen dismissed Transport Minister Ameen Ibrahim – who was filling a JP cabinet slot – from the post.


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  1. Anni should come back the sooner the better, he has proven that you can run whole affair with a computer. Yameen should abolish all ministries and political appointees not only one. Do you need a government to collect Ghaneema and distribute within Mujaahidheen of government, a Mujahideen force even don’t spill a drop of sweat let alone a drop of blood. My advice to Yameen is just eradicate all ministries, if you can’t handle Maldives alone, just resign, Anni can handle it.


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