First batch of convicts to be released next week

The first batch of 400 convicts offered “a second chance” will be released from prison next week, according to State Minister for Home Affairs Mohamed ‘Monaza’ Naeem.

Speaking at a press conference today, Naeem explained that the first batch would be released on August 9, 10 and 11 and each released inmate would be assigned a mentor under the national rehabilitation programme devised to reintegrate the convicts into society.

The inmates will have their sentences suspended for a period of three years by presidential prerogative to commute sentences under the Clemency Act of 2009. The convicts are to be released on condition that they do not re-offend within that time period along with compulsory participation in government-run rehabilitation and training programmes.

Naeem said that a coordinated effort involving police and other concerned authorities would be undertaken to supervise and monitor the released convicts while job placements had been secured for some in government companies.


2 thoughts on “First batch of convicts to be released next week”

  1. can minivan (as u claim to be the first for independent news in the maldives) publish a list of these convicts with details of their crimes and how many times they have been apprehended?

  2. Ahahah I like that, but bina, just defence yourself 🙂
    Glas the top wall, electro fens, CCV camera conected to strong spotlight, a lot of chicken-chicken they do noice when are disturbed.,
    Dont worry when the selction is over they are going back anyway, it is just a habit from former president to get more votes 🙂
    oo by the way make storage of Food 🙂


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