CSC suspends five senior DPRS officials for disclosing information

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has suspended five high-ranking officials of the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation (DPRS), pending an investigation into alleged multiple violations of the Civil Service Act by disclosing official information at a press conference.

CSC Chair Mohamed Fahmy Hassan confirmed that the Home Ministry was informed of the decision today.

DPRS Director Saud Abdul Kareem, Deputy Director Hassan Waheed, Assistant Superintendent Mohamed Asif, Asseyri Jail Senior Prison Officer Mohamed Tholal and Maafushi Jail Senior Prison Officer Ibrahim Nashid organised a press conference in their “personal capacity” on Sunday at the Trader’s Hotel.

The senior officials reportedly defended State Minister for Home Affairs Mohamed ‘Monaza’ Naeem, who is currently in charge of the department. The DRPS officials refuted claims in a petition submitted to the Home Minister alleging misconduct and abuses of power by Naeem.

In the petition, which was not signed ostensibly over fears of job security, Naeem was accused of using state vehicles for personal use and accompanying government officials and MPs on visits to jails.

The DPRS senior staff however claimed that department employees were not involved in drafting or submitting the petition, suggesting a hidden agenda behind the petition.

Local media reported this week that a complaint had been filed at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) alleging that Naeem did not sign the attendance books either during his time at North Central Province Office or currently at the DPRS.

Meanwhile at Sunday’s press conference, DPRS Director Saud also defended Naeem from serious issues flagged in a compliance audit report recently made public by the CSC. Saud argued that the problems identified in the report dated from before Naeem took over from former Director General Mohamed Rasheed.

Based on the findings of the compliance audit, Rasheed was given a three-month notice and suspended by the CSC pending an investigation.

The senior officials revealed at the press conference that complaints of corruption under Rasheed were lodged at the Human Rights Commission, CSC and ACC.

A day after the press conference, the CSC issued a press statement noting that according to article 28(b) of the Civil Service Act a civil servant could not disclose information about the office or its employees learned in his or her official capacity.

The statement noted that civil service regulations specified procedures for civil servants to file complaints of legal violations or abuse of authority at the CSC.

Moreover, clause 17(a) of the regulations “stated in clear language that employees could not attend to personal matters during official hours.”

“If an employee is dissatisfied regarding a matter in his area of work, it must be solved in the way the regulations specify,” the CSC statement reads.

In addition, clause 26(g) of the regulations states that civil servants shall not defend the interests of a political appointee.

The statement contended that the press conference, which took place during official hours, was held in violation of both the Civil Service Act and civil servant’s code of conduct as well as “principles of a democratic society”.


5 thoughts on “CSC suspends five senior DPRS officials for disclosing information”

  1. This is exactly what Dr. Latheef did to Gahaa Saeedh, deputy principal of Majeediyya during Maumoon's regime. Latheef dismissed Gahaa because he reported allegations of corruption at MOE to Latheef, Minister of Education at that time.

    Mohamed Fahmy Hassan has the dirtiest mouth. His behavior towards female staff was revolting.

    Khadeja Adam of course never worked at one place. went where ever Maumoon wanted her to go.

    This the status of Members of the Civil Service Commission.

  2. Wonder why they had a press conference to defend Naeem. President Nasheed appointed him so he should not worry about what others say. Civil staff should behave like civil staff they should not play political games. It’s a good lesson for all civil staff.

  3. A very good lesson indeed.

    No matter what ones political bias is the childish and blatant exhibitionism practiced by some of today's civil servants are annoying, revolting and more than just unprofessional.

    Ideally these persons should be kicked out and allowed the freedom to become career politicians as they choose.

    Any resulting financial burden on their families will serve as a lesson for them.

  4. CSC is run by a bunch of self oriented idiots. This clearly shows the commission doesn't understand the purpose of a government. When you suspend so many senior staffs in a department with a dubious claim CSC didn't really care about the citizens rights at all.

  5. @Zeena Gasim,

    What does the suspension of the 5 officials, who i might point are from different sections of DPRS, have to do with not understanding the purpose of a government? If a staff from the President's office blatantly ignored the rules & regulations of the Office & did something similar, wouldn't they take actions against them? Anyone why do you make accusations at CSC?

    The point is the 5 individuals, of which actually 3 are senior management level, held a private news conference during office hours & disclosed information regarding staff etc which violates their, doesn't citizen's rights apply to people that the famous 5 disclosed information about? These five broke at least 2 regulations etc which is mentioned in the Civil Service Regulations/Code of Conduct, so you think that CSC should fold their hands & wait until others do the same? The government will not run itself if the people who work for it don't do what they are supposed to do & instead do whatever they want with political agendas during official working hours.


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