Five judges sworn into new drug court

Five judges were been sworn in to the newly established Drug Court on Saturday night.

From a total of 35 candidates evaluated for the bench, the five applicants selected were Mahaaz Ali Zahir, Hussain Shahaamath Mahir, Abdul Sathar Abdul Hameed, and Zubair Mohamed and Mohamed Easa.

According to Adam Mohamed, President of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and Supreme Court Judge, the five appointed to the Drug court were “highly competent” and “qualified to deliver impartial rulings with no prejudice.”

A total of 35 candidates applied for the positions, according to the JSC.

The establishment of the Drug Court  follows stipulations for the court’s formation provided in the recently-ratified Drugs Act.

Under Article 33 of the Act, all drug cases currently before the Criminal and Juvenile Courts must be transferred to the Drugs Court, following discussions between the Prosecutor General and judges.

According to the Act, a specialised Drugs Court of superior court status will combat drug addiction by integrating rehabilitation services into the court system.

Traffickers will be tried in the Criminal Court.