Parliament notifies Gasim of case to remove him from JSC

Parliament has sent a notice to Majlis-appointed member to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Gasim Ibrahim, regarding a case to remove him from his post.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ahmed Nazim told local media on Friday (March 22) that a notice had been sent to Gasim, who is also the presidential candidate for Jumhoree Party (JP), as per parliament procedures.

Nazim stated that the case submitted by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to remove Gasim from the JSC would be put on parliament’s agenda only after speaking with leaders from various political parties.

The notice follows a meeting held last week by Parliament’s Independent Commissions Oversight Committee, in which the entire JSC board was summoned to attend.

Throughout March, the oversight committee has been speaking with members of JSC in regard to the manner in which judges were appointed to the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court bench. The court is currently hearing the trial of former president Mohamed Nasheed, who is Gasim’s presidential rival in the upcoming elections in September.

Oversight Committee member and MDP Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor told Minivan News that during the meeting held on Wednesday (March 20), Gasim had lacked integrity when faced with questions from the committee.

“The focus of my questions was on the integrity of the JSC members and of the independence of judges.

“When I asked Mr Gasim whether he had announced his [presidential] candidacy before or after he was nominated to his post within the JSC, he said ‘I am not sure’,” Hamid claimed.

Gasim’s presidential rival and leader of the MDP, former President Mohamed Nasheed, is currently facing charges at Hulhumale’ court over the controversial detention of Chief Judge of Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed in January 2012.

The MDP has maintained that the charges against Nasheed are a politically motivated attempt to bar him from the election in September.

Despite the JSC Chair and Supreme Court Judge Adam Mohamed declaring that the commission refused to discuss matters regarding the Hulhumale’ Court, individual members of the JSC still attended the oversight meetings.

“It is like a domino effect – the chair of the JSC has lost his authority. We believe this is the first step of the JSC being shaken to its core,” Hamid said. “Even on Wednesday the chair was still resistant to being questioned.”

Statements from individual JSC members given to the oversight committee revealed there had been concern as to how the Hulhumale’ Court bench had been appointed.

Furthermore, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Gabriela Knaul raised concerns over the politicisation of the JSC last month.

“I have heard from numerous sources that the current composition of the JSC is inadequate and politicised.

Because of this politicisation, the commission has been subjected to all sorts of external influence and consequently has been unable to function properly,” Knaul stated last month.

JSC composition does not allow independence of judiciary to be maintained: Shakoor

On Wednesday (March 20), Attorney General and JSC member Aishath Azima Shakoor told local media that the current composition of the commission did not allow it to maintain independence of the judiciary.

“I believe that, even though JSC has been composed according to constitution, it does not allow [it] to maintain the independence of the judiciary.

“I do not believe that JSC’s configuration is based on the most effective model. But JSC is how the Constitution says it should be, so we have to function like that,” Azima was quoted as saying in local media.

In regard to Gasim, who voted in favour of establishing the Hulhumale’ Court bench, Azima told local media that if she had been in Gasim’s position when the vote for the court bench had been undertaken, she would not have participated in the vote.

“I believe that the Parliament Committee on Independent Institutions’ review or investigation of the manner in which Hulhumale’ Court bench of judges was established will affect the trail that is currently proceeding in that court,” Azima was quoted as saying in Sun Online.


7 thoughts on “Parliament notifies Gasim of case to remove him from JSC”

  1. JSC akee siyaasee beyfulhun ulhenvee thaneh noon. Qawmuge hama jehumah JSC mulhin uvaalaafa alun ekulavaa lanvejje. Waheedh ge meehaku, Eynaage Attorney General, Majlis ge raees, MMA ge Governor, Majlis in hovaa membereh. Mee hus verikan badhalu kuran ulhey meehun. Veri kamuge dhauru reethikoh ninmen vaane.

  2. JSC ga thiben fennanee hus retired ranglhu meehnnai mihaaruge molhethi vakeelunnai, rangalhu adhulveri molhethi fandiyaarun. Fandiyaarunge fenvaru mizamaanuge thauleemee fenvaru hunnan jehey. BL akee kon echcheh kan. Cheque akee kon echcheh kan, manifest, airway bill, LC, port clearance. cargo, assets, investment. me echchetheege maana neygey fandiyaarunnah kureveynee findiyaaru kan.

  3. The Laura Gasim.

    This man has directly contributed, actively led, sometimes hidden in background, in a lot of corruption instances in the Maldives. That is a fact.

    But the worst part is the part he actively and blatantly bamboozling the ignorant Maldivians. For others; no drinking, no sex, no massage, no entertainment, no money, no nothing. But for him, it is allowed. Everything. He can sell alcohol, he can build his own international airport. He can marry 5 simultaneously.

    But if anybody else does it, it will be an action tantamount to Gods final wrath on the nation.

  4. Gasim on Judiciary commission may not be ethically right. But what Nasheed is doing to Judiciary is much worse .

    Locking up the supreme court is a direct to threat to Judiciary , to people and to the democracy.

    We all need to think rationally and judge things based on facts and not based on parties views.

  5. Kuribee, child abusers like ablho deserve worse than being locked up. A supreme court that does not respect democratic decisions deserves to be locked up.

    Tell ablho to run to Pakistan; but no matter where he hides, an elite squad of hunters composed of the children he sexually abused will bring him to justice.

  6. @kuribee
    I like your idea of thinking rationally. (See, I can be positive! )But the problem is, you are rarely rational or logical. Infact, you have the dubious distinction of being one of the most confused and confusing Maldivians I know.

  7. Gasim is a crimiinal like the current characters running the country. All roads lead to a disfunctional judicary here!


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