Five MDP protestors arrested yesterday

Five individuals were arrested during yesterday’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protests against the Supreme Court, reports local media.

Police arrested four people from the demonstration held near the Supreme Court yesterday afternoon and one individual was arrested last night during the MDP’s protest against the court’s injunction to indefinitely delay the presidential election’s runoff.

A police media official would not disclose to CNM whether the five arrested individuals remain in police custody.

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) told CNM that “major changes” regarding the “disclosure of information” have been enacted – on the advice of the Prosecutor General’s Office.


2 thoughts on “Five MDP protestors arrested yesterday”

  1. The police and MNDF will try to arrest many MDP supporters but they will not be able to arrest 95,000 loyal MDP supporters. This will only increase the popularity of MDP and when the polls come give a thrashing defeat to any opposing candidate. They will use weapons to beat people in the protests, they will use religion to try to discredit Anni but they will only achieve one goal : get more people to support MDP!!!

  2. Maldives population is not 95,000 people even we have eligible voters over 240,000 people.

    Rest of the people have said no to Nasheed.

    We have now learnt how Nasheed managed to get even 95,000 and it was by rigging the votes.

    Nasheed will defend the islam with the help of mercenaries like "jesuits" . What a joke?

    Cult followers can believe that Jesuits are there to defend Islam but know who Jesuits are.


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