Former President Mohamed Nasheed to return from Umrah on Wednesday

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s Presidential Candidate and former President Mohamed Nasheed will be returning to Male’ after completing Umra pilgrimage in Mecca, reports local media outlet Channel News Maldives.

Nasheed left to Saudi Arabia last Saturday and spent the following two days in the pilgrimage. According to local media reports, the former president was accompanied by the Speaker of Parliament Abdulla Shahid and former Attorney General Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad.

Meanwhile the MDP has said that a special event will be organised on next Wednesday to exhibit 100,000 photos taken during Nasheed’s trips to the islands.


3 thoughts on “Former President Mohamed Nasheed to return from Umrah on Wednesday”

  1. What's the point? Stop using religion to further your political agenda. I don't care how many times a feudal lord circles Hubal's former shrine, runs between Isaf and Naila or kisses the black stone idol. What I care about is what you do for us peasants. Not what you do for your imaginary afterlife.

  2. Should be an interesting exhibition. Will show the disparity in govt spending on the atolls and on Male' over the last century. Very keen to see.

  3. Anni is not afraid.

    He will do whatever is necessary to help rescue Mordis.

    He has been to jail several times and now he just went to Arabian Umrah, which gets him and others from South East Asia treated like stray diseased dogs.

    This will make him popular with some bearded dimwits.

    Anni, that's what I like about you. Stretching to the limits to bring back humanity to Mordis, not just democracy.


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