Presidents use Victory Day to warn against modern-day traitors

Presidents past and present have extended greetings to the people of the Maldives in celebration of Victory Day – the occasion commemorating the failed 1988 coup.

The attempt to overthrow the government of President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom by Maldivian dissidents and Tamil mercenaries was repelled by a combination of the Maldives National Defense Force and Indian troops.

President Dr Mohamed Waheed paid tribute to the those who fought to defend the nation on that day, taking advantage of the occasion to stress the importance of national unity and the danger of foreign interference.

“Similarly, this is the time for us to find solutions to issues faced by us. We must resolve our issues ourselves. We must not let any foreign party to interfere and have their say in our affairs.”

“We must always remember that giving that opportunity to foreigners could negatively affect our independence and sovereignty, and we may have to face further harms,” said a President’s Office statement.

Meanwhile, local media quoted former President Gayoom as using the occasion to warn against the danger of traitors still present within the country, calling on Maldivians to be be wary of similar schemes threatening the nation today.

Police Commisioner Abdulla Riyaz yesterday revealed that documents concerning the coup could be declassified from today – 25 years after the incident – though he said a  decision was yet to be made on the way in which they would be made public.