Former Salisbury MP Robert Key lecturing in Maldives

Former UK Conservative Party MP for Salisbury Robert Key is visiting the Maldives this week to present a series of lectures on subjects including democracy, civil service and the importance of an independent judiciary.

Key will be presenting a public lecture at Mandhu College on Tuesday night at 8:00pm, on the Magna Carta.

During his tenure as an MP, Key was instrumental in bringing the Maldives to the attention of British Parliament in March 2005, following representations made to him by the now-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Current President Mohamed Nasheed attended school near Salisbury. The area is also home to the Friends of Maldives NGO, and the Maldives Consulate.

Key entered parliament in 1983 and retired in April 2010, during which time he variously served as Minister for Local Government and Inner Cities in the Department of the Environment, Minister for Roads and Traffic, junior minister at the Department of National Heritage, and in opposition, shadow minister for Science and Energy, and shadow minister for International Development. He was succeeded as Salisbury MP by John Glen, also a Conservative Party MP.

Key’s entry on UK government’s ‘They Work for You’ website