Civil Court orders DRP to pay its Rf 510,497 bill with Island Aviation Services

The Civil Court has ordered the  main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), led by MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, to pay Island Aviation Services Rf 510,497 (US$39,727).

Judge Abdul Sameer gave the party one month to repay the debt.

In June 2010 the DRP was given 13 days by the Civil Court to complete an examination of documentation and invoices from Island Aviation Services, after the party claimed it needed more time and requested an extension.

In the previous hearing held on the case, the DRP’s lawyer appealed for more time to examine the documentation and invoices presented by the national airline. Island Aviation Services had contended that the DRP was trying to delay the payment as long as it could, as there was no dispute that a payment was pending.

Citing Island Aviation Services’ annual audit report, local newspaper Haveeru reported that on August 21, 2008, ahead of the Presidential election, Island Aviation Services provided the DRP a credit limit of Rf 100,000 which was due to be repaid within 15 days.

However, the Rf 100,000 rose to more than Rf 800,000 (US$62,256) and DRP had not paid the balance after four months, Haveeru reported.

DRP MP Ahmed Nihan said today that the party was unable to pay the debt because of “difficulties” relating to its financial condition.

”But the DRP will always follow the courts of law,” said Nihan. ”We have always raised our voice for others to follow the courts, and the DRP [itself] will definitely follow the court [ruling].”

He said that he was unsure about the reason for the delay in settling the debt.

DRP leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali was not responding to calls at time of press.


3 thoughts on “Civil Court orders DRP to pay its Rf 510,497 bill with Island Aviation Services”

  1. if political parties keep snubbing reporters when times are hard (for them) and then are reporter's best friends when they need to make a press release, then i say its about time Maldives Journalists association snubs them for a period of 3 months or the next 10 conferences.....political parties rely on public mass media to get votes , i say its time the journalists use it!!

  2. All media channels are affiliated or funded by a political party. So they won't care even if one ignores them.

  3. These people need to be a good role models to others.
    If this is the way, then think about the others(individuals).everything and all business transactions in Maldives can only be settled through courts.This is way too much.This is the best habit of real democracy...All has got a big mouth to talk, but in action they all are handicaps.
    Situation has gone beyond control,father cannot trust son,mother cannot trust daughter and husband cannot trust wife.This is our positions today.We are very close to destroy this nation.Sooner or later we all gonna suffer.Where is our belief and faith.Who do we bow our heads down.where is light we need to follow.Hopeless Maldives!killing one other will start soon in this nation.


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