Fuah Mulah airport could be finished by mid-2011

Fuah Mulah airport would be operational by June 2011 if all goes to plan, reports Miadhu.

The company in charge of the airport’s development, Platinum Capital Holdings, said it has subcontracted Leem Company Pvt. Ltd. to clear the area for construction.

Once the area has been cleared, the company has said, the main contractor, Aima Construction, will begin the construction.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation said Dash-8 planes, which can accommodate 38 passenger, will be able to land in the new airport.

The journey from Fuah Mulah to Malé will be shorter and easier, as the closest airport to Fulah Mulah is Gan.


2 thoughts on “Fuah Mulah airport could be finished by mid-2011”

  1. Even Dhash 37 seater will have some restrictions at this airport. A crazy move by the government and the people of mulaku. They are simply wasting the land they need to extend to their kids in the future. There is an airport 45mins away from this island. Total waste of resources I have to say.


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