Global Projects Development company hands over five apartments in Gulhi Falhu

The Global Projects Development (GPD) company handed over five two-room apartments in Gulhi Falhu to their respective owners yesterday (October 11), reports local media.

A GPD official told the press that the remaining flats in the ‘Orchid Residence’ would be handed over at a ceremony on Saturday.

Public services such as a health centre and twice daily ferry services to Malé would be available once the island is inhabited, the official explained, adding that the government gave authorisation on September 18 to continue with the Gulhi Falhu development plan.

GDP is constructing 2,500 flats in the reclaimed island west of the capital near the industrial island of Thilafushi.

The US$600 million Gulhi Falhu development project – which involved reclamation of 40 hectares of land – was launched during the administration of former President Mohamed Nasheed.