Government offers solar power to 29 islands

The government is soliciting bids from solar power companies to power 29 islands, which are facing power generation difficulties.

Many small islands have small power stations, however power production for small communities is expensive with disproportionate returns.

According to the government gazette, the solar power project will be established in Haa Alif atoll Molhadhoo, Baarah, Thuraakunu, Muraidhoo and Thakandhoo; Haa Dhaal atoll Hirimaradhoo; Shaviyani atoll Maaungoodhoo, Lhaimagu and Noomaraa; Noonu atoll Henbadhoo, Foddhoo and Magoodhoo; and Raa atoll Fainu and Inguraidhoo.

The project will also be carried out in Meemu atoll Dhiggaru and Raiymandhoo; Faafu atoll Dharanboodhoo; Dhaalu atoll Bandidhoo and Maaen’boodhoo; Thaa atoll Madifushi, Gaadhihfushi, Buruni, Dhiyamigili and Thimarafushi; Laamu atoll Gaadhoo, Isdhoo and Kunahandhoo; and the Mathimaradhoo ward and Mukurimagu road in Gan.

The Maldives currently aims to cut carbon emissions by 60 percent using solar power. A proposal submitted by the Renewable Energy Investment Office is currently open for debate on an online crowd-sourcing forum.


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