Government set to limit coolant gas emissions: report

Limitations on imports of hydro-chlorofluorcarbons (HCFC), gases used in certain manufacturing and refrigeration processes, have been set at 67 metric tonnes for 2011 by the Ministry of Housing and Environment as part of the country’s environmental commitments, according to press reports.

Miadhu reported that the Environment Ministry has publically announced the annual restrictions as part of a new permit system designed to be awarded exclusively to a selected number of parties due to be decided during an upcoming bidding process.

As part of the government’s commitment to trying to become carbon neutral by 2020 and wider global eco-policies such as part of the so-called Montreal Protocol, which targets a reduction in substances linked to reducing the Ozone Layer, use of HCFCs in the Maldives is set to be phased out.


One thought on “Government set to limit coolant gas emissions: report”

  1. Good action by the Govt. But still there is a lot of action to be taken if we want our nation to be carbon neutral in 2020. Does anyone else think it's going too slow??


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