Website leaks ticket reservation for Speaker and DRP Leader’s alleged trip to Delhi

The Dhivehi Post website has leaked a document it claims is the ticket reservation for leader of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, and Speaker of the Parliament Abdulla Shahid, to fly to India for “secret talks” with GMR.

The website last week alleged that Thasmeen and Shahid had received US$1 million from Indian infrastructure giant GMR to cease opposition to the firm’s take over of  Male’ International Airport.

The booking, apparently made in the name of the two DRP MPs, appears to have been reserved by ‘FCM Travel Solutions India Ltd GMR’ and was issued on October 26 for travel on October 30 to Delhi, via Colombo on Sri Lankan Airlines. The cost of each ticket was 42,749 Indian rupees (US$934).

Minivan News can confirm that air travel arranged by GMR for Maldivian journalists visiting the opening of Delhi Terminal 5 in July was booked by the Indian corporate travel firm ‘FCM Travel Solutions(India)Ltd’, and is seeking to clarify the legitimacy of the tickets.

Last week Managing Director of GMR Male International Airport Limited, P Sripathy, told Minivan News the allegations were “totally false and baseless, and very disappointing and damaging to our reputation. We have never met any members of the opposition to date.”

Thasmeen and Shahid likewise dismissed the allegations as ”baseless and false”.

”Out of all the articles published by the Dhivehi Post so far, most of them are untrue,” Thasmeen told Minivan News. ”Like I said before, I did not go to India and I have never met anyone from GMR.”

Thasmeen said that the website was operated by “political figures” and their intentions was to split the DRP leadership and “smear its respect.”

”They are doing this for political gain. If you look at the articles very carefully and try to understand who runs it, it becomes very clear,” he said. ”I do not want to tell the media yet.”

Shahid n”I have not even been to India lately, they are all lies and false accusations,” Shahid said. ”It is a website that publishes false allegations very often, it is operated by some persons who stay hidden.”

Shahid said the aim of the website was to split the DRP and ferment aggression inside parliament.

The Dhivehi Post claimed that it was possible Shahid and Thasmeen would not have an Indian immigration stamp in their passports if they waited at the airport as a transit passenger, “and therefore could be considered as they did not go to India”.

Showing a rather detailed understanding of protocols attached to diplomatic passports, the website speculated that “as all the MPs have the red diplomatic passport, and any diplomat waiting as a transit passenger will be provided services from the VIP lounge, it would be very easy for anyone waiting in the lounge airport to meet senior officials of the company [without passing through immigration].”

The website threatened that “more proof awaits”, should Thasmeen and Shahid continue to deny the allegations.


21 thoughts on “Website leaks ticket reservation for Speaker and DRP Leader’s alleged trip to Delhi”

  1. And the game has begun!

    Let's meddle with Maldives' politics like we did earlier.

    It's easy.

    -Bohra Merchants-

  2. I am against the idiocy of DRP, but on top of this "ticket" is "untitled" and at the bottom "Page 1"

    Now go craft a ticket in windows notepad and send to the printer. Do it with a fixed-width font too.

  3. this is no evidence of travel...a ticket was taken and it was said to be cancelled later...but anyone could have done this..

  4. if im not wrong the ticket says delhi to columbo and columbo to looks like this was supposed to be the return ticket...correct me if im wrong..

  5. Dhivehipost is run by the biggest crook Yaameen and he is now frustrated that the golden 30 years is over. Cant believe how stupid he is! He thinks he can become president in 2013! Haha! What a joke! and his only hope is if he is the DRP candidate but he cant get that either! so he fabricates such silly stories thinking Maldivians are dumb like before and will beleive anything he says but no more! Maldivians will not listen to big crooks like Yaameen and may Allah forever save this country from politicians like Yaameen. May he never get elected again for Majlis or even a Local Councile, amen!

  6. The ticket cud be real or fake...but doesnt prove anything.... need the boarding passes for proof of travel....if they met with GMR at the airport and only transited Delhi, then goodluck to Dhivehi Post!

  7. There is no auditor general to make fake bombs for the council election, so this time come up with fake tickets..

  8. Looks like a fake ticket.

    Moreover, the status says 'OPEN.' So, even if it is not a fake ticket, this can be a ticket someone bought just to defame these guys.

    Dhivehi Post is 99 percent crap!
    So its hard to believe what they say.

  9. Dhivehi Post is such a crap gossip website. no one should read it seriously. they are crossing line. freedom of speech does not give you the right to defame people and call all kinds of nicknames to people. they need to be brought down!!!

  10. Ahmed Thasmeen Ali should ignore these accusations and go on media to refute this. This does not bring any type of good image to Maldives if we keep accusing GMR of corruption when they are going to be investing so much in Maldives as they have done in other countries. Everyone including Minivan should do their research on the financial strength of GMR.

    Also GMR should sue people and news media who has made accusations without any evidence. They should sue based on defamation and wrongful accusations which brings down the shares of GMR. So the cost should be paid by those who make accusations without evidence.

  11. Every time I visit Dhivehipost, I don't know why I am reminded of Yaameen's 'bahuruva'.

    It's like listening to Yaameen Live!

    One day I listened to an audio clip on the site about corruption. I tried to relocate it but since it's not a well maintained site, I found it difficult to do so.

    What I remember is it was a very very poorly edited audio clip.

    In it Anni was talking to someone about a forty or so million dollars being enough for some thing to get done.

    Some parts of the clip, I think, were taken from really familiar speeches by Anni and others involved in it and several bells kept ringing in my mind.

    I am really mad at Dhivehipost for insulting my intelligence through such "extremely poor" work!

    About the tickets - I am speechless that some people have actually started believing the crap is real and authentic, while there is every chance that they could have been fake and schemed.

    Though I believe that Thasneem is a corrupt guy - I would rather use this ticket as wrapping paper for my kid's stool sample to the lab.

  12. So it looks like we have our very own Wikileaks now ?

    But as others have said - this looks faked. Even if it is genuine, what does it prove anyway ?

  13. Why not Minivan put some news about the Wikileaks since it is much more worth reading. Wikileaks at least published actual secret American documents about all the dirty stuff american diplomats said about world leaders 😉

    Ofcourse there is much more since its all coming out slowly as the media goes through over 250,000 secret and classified communication cables which wikileaks released on the American Government.

  14. One should ask themselves who started these crap websites and the hate mongering. Its the fruit of the so called democratic movement of president Nasheed and his associates.

  15. Now,time of question and doubt! What is the truth? In whose interest are decisions made? Where is Maldives heading with one of the world top "Thinkers"? Who are these people responsible for actions that put Maldives future at risk?

    Time for patience until truth unveils!

  16. I think this is all being done to give bad name to Thasmeen, shahid and GMR. I dont know why opposition people are against GMR. They have done a fab job in Turkey and India. With their international reputation, I am sure GMR would do good job here too.

  17. @Z-nut

    Bohra merchants did a fabulous job earlier in Maldives.

    Yes, even I am sure they will do it better this time.


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