Government submitting bills to Majlis at “remarkable speed”, says PPM group leader

The government has submitted 12 bills to the People’s Majlis today (June 8), local media has reported.

“The government is submitting bills to the parliament at a remarkable speed. We’ll do our best to table these bills in the parliament,” Progressive Party of Maldives Parliamentary Group Leader Ahmed Nihan told Haveeru today.

Having already submitted special economic zones legislation to the Majlis last week, the government was reported to have today introduced bills addressing the issue of referendums as well as amendments to current laws on GST, child protection, MPs’ income, and immigration.

The scope of the government’s legislative agenda was revealed last March when Attorney General Mohamed Anil unveiled a 207-bill plan comprising 98 new bills and 109 amendments to existing laws.

Of the 207 bills, Anil said the government hoped to submit 65 pieces of legislation to the legislature this year once the 18th parliament was sworn in after the elections on March 22.

The government’s ability to secure new legislation was reduced late last month, however, after the split with it electoral ally the Jumhooree Party (JP).

The loss of the JP’s 15 MPs brings the ruling Progressive Coalition’s majority in the house to just one seat, after last week’s signing of independent MP  Abdulla Khaleel. This excludes the support of unofficial partner the Adhaalath Party’s sole MP.