Jamiyatul Salaf calls on government to reconsider UN peacekeeping deal

Local Islamic NGO Jamiyatul Salaf has called on the government to reconsider the decision to have Maldivian troops participate in the United Nations peacekeeping force.

“Jamiyyatul Salaf rejects this and express grave our concern over this matter to the Maldivian citizens,” said the group.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Salaf called on the Maldivian authorities to “fear Allah and be more concerned about the Muslim Ummah”, requesting President Abdulla Yameen, the People’s Majlis, and the minister of defence reconsider the decision to place “Maldivian Muslims soldiers” among “dubious UN forces”.

Following the signing of an MOU between the Maldives and the UN last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that a small contingent of military observers and infantry personnel will be deployed over the next two years.

“Given that history has proved with certainty that armies taking part in the UN forces have to act against Muslims, and that a Maldivian Muslim army is also part of the UN force, taking part in action against Muslims even in that capacity cannot be acceptable under any circumstance,” read the Salaf statement.

“It would be highlighted as harmful and dangerous days in the Maldivian Islamic history. Therefore, this should not even be allowed under Maldivian laws,” said the NGO, arguing that wars against Muslims around the world are waged without any reasonable grounds and that infidels are using biological weapons against Muslims.

Noting that the first priority of the Maldives should be its sovereignty and Islamic unity, Salaf suggested that Maldivians have recently experienced how “CMAG, the Commonwealth, and other infidel organisations and nations” have tried to change truths and “assisted falsehoods” in their ways of justice.

After the controversial transfer of presidential power in February 2012, the Maldives was suspended from the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) – the Commonwealth’s democracy and human rights arm.

CMAG also drew criticism from the government after expressing concerns in delays to the 2013 presidential election, declaring its belief that first round had been credible after the result was annulled by the Supreme Court.

“In addition to this, it would not be impossible for the country become a target of dangerous and horrifying attacks from within and without as a result of this [taking part in the UN forces],” the NGO continued, warning anyone who dies fighting on the side of infidels in a war against Muslims would be considered an apostate and should be treated as a non-Muslim in every way.

In what seemed to be a reference to recent police investigations into Maldivians fighting in the Syrian civil war, Salaf said that, for fear of international disapproval, Maldivians are not being allowed to train themselves in foreign countries for obligatory Jihad against infidels who are fighting against Muslims.

The group remarked that it would be unfair to allow Maldivian Muslims to fight in the ranks of infidels against fellow Muslims.

Reports emerged last month of two Maldivian citizens being killed while fighting pro-government forces in Syria, with the government refusing to make any official comment on the jihadis as police begin investigations.

Salaf’s disapproval of the participation in UN operations was also expressed when President Mohamed Nasheed’s administration first announced the decision in 2011.

Nasheed’s government at the time stated that it was “important for the Maldives to contribute to the efforts of these international agencies and institutions to ensure that every country, every society and every individual has the opportunity to live in peace and security.”

The parliamentary approval for Maldivian participation in UN peacekeeping missions was granted in October 2011 with 56 votes in favour, five abstentions and 11 votes against.

The Maldives National Defence Force said the participation of the Maldives’ troops would be decided upon by the government.

President’s Office spokesperson today told Minivan News that there has been no change in the government’s stand on the issue.


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  1. Just about sums up the attitude of the bearded weirdoes.

    Maldives does not support peacekeeping.

    But does support individuals who want to fight as terrorist and kill their Muslim brothers and sisters.

  2. Hey Jamiyatrhul Salaf, your boss was paid off. Now stay at home and quietly suck your thumb. unless you want someone to shave your beards and apply chilli sauce on it.

  3. I wish you dumb people would stop referring constantly to non Muslims as 'infidels' and other derogatory terms. If you want non Muslims to respect you.....and not regard you as Neanderthals living in the dark ages.....you should show some respect to other faiths. The constant hatred and venom directed at non Muslims in muslim countries is an indication of the intolerance and brainwashing that muslim minds are subjected to.....not surprising that many of you end up as low achievers and drug addicts.
    Maldivian soldiers joining UN peacekeepers should be sent to Pakistan and Syria to stop Muslims killing other Muslims......they can also be usefully employed rounding and locking up your mad mullahs.

  4. Salaf's jamiyya would like to marry children and have several wives at the same time, condones child sexual abuse and does not recognize human rights - that alone should be enough to disband them and rid this country and the planet of their vileness. Hides behind the name of religion and preaches their psychosis. How is this being allowed? Our Islam should be learned from the Qur'an and the Prophet's sun-nah not from bearded conspirators who call themselves scholars.

    The prophet lived with Jews and people of other beliefs. Traded with them and had good relations with them. He only fought those who fought to kill him and his followers. Not a single other person. Even in war there were rules to not harm any women or children and anyone in their place of worship-be it temple or church had safe haven.

  5. / Most of ungoing domestic wars around the world are from Muslims against other Muslims, all in the name of the same (?) Allah : Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, ... and so on.
    / Fact is that already since ages, Muslims are fighting other Muslims. The result is that about the complete Muslim world is behind in development and backward in thnking.
    / Very few if any Muslim governments are properly and democratically elected. Most such places are ruled by rich people, or by the army and police, or both. Huge amounts of oil $ are NOT spent on education (kill thise girls), health care, economic development. Instead most money - made from hard labour from the locals and slavery of migrants - goes to weapons to fight again other Muslims.

  6. Ali Rameez.
    If we consider your preaching and advises, you are the last person anyone could believe in. You have a horrible history on what you have done during your hay days in Alimatha...and many other resorts. Has God forgiven you??

    Ongoing wars and conflicts around the world are actually caused by muslims and between different muslim sects. It's not the west or Jews killing muslims today, but muslims themselves are blowing each other every day. FOR WHAT???

    So Rameez, before making public comments, think first as history doesn't die and we know who you are!!!


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