Government to upgrade all ID cards to smart cards

The Home Ministry has announced that all national ID cards are to become smart cards, containing fingerprint information.

State Minister for Home Affairs Ahmed Fayaz said that discussion were under way with the Department of Planning as well as the Pension Administration Office to determine the best way in which the changes can be implemented. The new smart cards are to replace the old ones as they expire.

Fayaz is also reported as saying that the ministry may collaborate with the police of the National Registration to obtain this information.

Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed is reported as saying that a list of 23,000 people awaiting new cards when the current government came to power has been reduced to around 3,000, with 1,000 cards nearly ready for distribution.

It was reported that the additional information would make the cards multi-functional, potentially doubling and insurance cards and driving licenses.


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  1. i would like an id card just to prove who i am in these times . i know theres citizencard icould get id rther have one from the home goverment ifeel it would be more actcepted .k mckie


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