Dr Didi “very likely” to leave MDP

In an interview with local newspaper Haveeru, former Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) President Dr Ibrahim Didi said he was considering his position with the MDP before saying that it was “very likely” he would be seen in another party.

“We have to leave, when the time to leave the party comes. I believe that the time has come for me,” Didi told Haveeru.

He added that he was currently discussing his decision with many people and, should he decide to leave, he would work for the party “which has the nation’s best interests at heart”.

Didi, who was unanimously voted out of his former position by the MDP’s national council on April 30, said that he had stayed with the party “in order to expose the undemocratic nature of the party’s inner workings.”

In the weeks since his deposition, Didi has challenged the legality of the process which brought about his removal. His complaint to the Elections Commission however was dismissed, a decision which he alleged to Haveeru “involved foul play.


4 thoughts on “Dr Didi “very likely” to leave MDP”

  1. Have we reached a new low, even by famed maldivian standards?

    That you never realize you are not wanted and banged about like a tt ball, and yet not know that you are being toyed?

  2. DD shall join Adhaalathu and help them find more members to wrest them away from the unholy ppm and drp coalition. Adhaaalath needs to be a balanced islamic party which would not need to align itself secularists.

  3. Mr Didi must go and join the other Didi's. I believe there are lots of them, and they are the rulers of Maldives.


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