Government will not yield to “small groups who terrorise and vandalise public spaces”: President

President Mohamed Nasheed has said the government will always respect the people’s voice but will not cave under the pressures of small groups who terrorise and vandalise public spaces.

Speaking a ceremony informing islanders of upcoming development projects in Laamu Atoll Gan, the President declared that street violence will not bring down the government – a statement he claimed was especially clear to himself and his party (Maldivian Democratic Party/MDP).

Referring to the series of anti-government protests which have persisted on Male’ for nearly three weeks, the President said the protesters’ call to release Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed from Special Forces custody stemmed from their frustration with losing power.

He added that the opposition’s attempt to regain power by taking to the streets is a hindrance to national development, further stating that the protests are an abuse of the people’s constitutional right to free expression.

Instead, he requested constructive criticism from disgruntled parties.

Observing that many of the Maldives’ sectors are comprised of educated professionals, he regretted that the judicial courts had not been established along similar lines.

President Nasheed also indicated that all the institutions in every sector of the country comprised of well educated and trained professionals, but expressed his regret stating that he has been unable to elevate the judicial courts to similar standards.

“Our aim is to appoint qualified and responsible Judges to our court houses similar to the standards of the social and economic institutions in the nation,” Nasheed said.


2 thoughts on “Government will not yield to “small groups who terrorise and vandalise public spaces”: President”

  1. Unfortunately we are very narrow mind , people don't think by themselves , they believe easily what people say this is a bad sign of an uneducated population , can anyone imagine the hard work and the fantastic outcome we see today in the Maldives?

    1. Social protection - newly introduced - new terminology we ever hard of : everyone is covered by health insurance which most of the riches countries fail to achieve

    2. Single parents - financially supported for every child under 18 years of age

    3. Handicap - they are paid with special allowance

    4. aged above 65 - receive Rf 2000 every month

    5. social housing

    6. Transport system well established - no one ever thought that we would have such a demand for it

    7. Bus traveling along the roads of male


    I think I need more time if I want to complete the list

    We believe that ever promise of Nasheed have been fulfilled except the judiciary once the judiciary is reformed maldivians will live a happy and protected decent life . Thank you HEP Mohamed Nasheed



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