Haveeru interviews fornication flogger Abdul Khalig

“Some may perceive a man who day in day out is tasked with whipping his fellows to be remorseless or even sadistic. However, Khalig, to the contrary is quite warm and extremely friendly,” writes Niumathullah Idhurees and Mohamed Visham for local newspaper Haveeru.

“He can be seen addressing the victims at the end of his whip outside of the courtroom with empathy even though he is at most times at the receiving end of verbal abuse and threats. His response to such abuse and threats is always a warm smile. For him, it is nothing new. For him, it’s just a job.

“‘It has to be done in a certain way. I was taught by judges and various other people before I was given this job. I see this job as a blessing. There aren’t many who want to do this job,’ the 33-year-old Khalig, who assumed his job in 2010, told Haveeru.

“According to his memory, Khalig has enforced flogging sentences of over 300 people which amounts to thousands of lashes with his leather whip.”

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One thought on “Haveeru interviews fornication flogger Abdul Khalig”

  1. A gentle Folsom Street bear or a ruthless Marquis de Sade? Tell us Khaliq, what do you feel about the disproportionately large number of women that you have to flog for adultery? Is that justice? Or are you just another meat puppet of Abdulla Qazi, doing the bondage master's every bidding? How many members of the rich or powerful have you flogged, or is it only peasants? And you claim you're doing God's work.


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