No intention to reverse decision to charge 15 year-old with fornication: PG’s office

The Prosecutor General’s (PG) office has “no intention” of reversing the decision to charge a 15 year-old child abuse victim with fornication, local media has reported.

An official from the PG’s office told local newspaper Haveeru that the decision to charge the 15-year-old from Shaviyani Atoll Feydhoo with fornication was made after extensive assessment of the case.

Back in June 2012, the same minor – a school student at the time – gave birth to a baby later discovered buried in the outdoor shower area of a home on Feydhoo.

The discovery led to the arrest of four people, including the 15 year-old girl’s mother and step father.

Haveeru reported that as the charges filed against the girl have no connection with the buried baby case, the PG’s office had no intention to withdraw the charges.

“So far we have no intention of reversing the decision to charge her at the Juvenile Court,” a PG’s official was quoted by local media.

Speaking to Minivan News on January 9 the Prosecutor General (PG’s) Office confirmed it had pressed charges against a 15 year-old girl from the island of Feydhoo in Shaviyani Atoll for having “consensual sexual relations”.

A spokesperson for the PG’s Office said the charges against the minor were unrelated to a separate case against the girl’s stepfather over allegations he had sexually abused her.


3 thoughts on “No intention to reverse decision to charge 15 year-old with fornication: PG’s office”

  1. 15 year old can give consent under Maldivian law? Is that under Shariah or Common Law? And who decides which legal system to follow?

  2. Time to tie up these so-called 'prosecutors' and leave them in their offices; then dynamite the whole building to rubble.

    Only by inflicting savage brutality on them, can they understand our hatred. For savagery and cruelty is their language.

  3. @Homosexual on Wed, 16th Jan 2013 7:36 PM

    Sad situation. We have this tendency, as in India, to bury the issue at the place where there is lowest resistance. Issues involving girls offer lowest resistance as they have least backing of public. So the young girl here is the scape goat yet again.


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