HDC to take action over violations of Veshi Fahi lease agreement

Owners of 1000 flats provide under the Veshi Fahi Male’ (decongestion) project will face disciplinary action if found to have violated an agreement on leasing their property, the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has warned.

The HDC has expressed concern that some flat owners were believed to have violated their agreements by leasing their properties to third parties without first having fully completed outstanding payments on the flats, local media has reported.

Local media also reported that advertisements have appeared online to lease properties recently sold under the Veshi Fahi programme.

According to Sun Online, the HDC has warned that any property owner leasing a flat provided under the Veshi Fahi scheme before fully completing payments to the corporation was in violation of their lease agreement.

The corporation said it would not be responsible for any losses to a proprietor or tenant incurred as a result of disciplinary action taken against them over a breach of contract.