Six hundred flats awarded to police and military

Government authorities have awarded 600 apartments to Maldives Police Service (MPS) and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) personnel this week, including to Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz and senior police officers.

The housing development projects – providing 300 apartments for MPS, and 300 for MNDF officers – are being jointly managed by the government-owned Housing Development Corporation (HDC) in conjunction with the Police Cooperative Society (POLCO) and the MNDF co-operative SIFCO.

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has described the awards as a continuation of the patronage policies that prevailed under the 30 year autocracy of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Under the MPS’s MVR580 million (US$37.6 million) ‘Blue’s Housing Project’ 210 three-bedroom and 90 two-bedroom apartments will be built.

The housing scheme was described as being important for the maintenance of the police force’s welfare by Commissioner Riyaz during the project’s foundation laying ceremony in March. Acting Home Minister Ahmed Shafeeu presented recipients with the official documents yesterday (September 2).

Apartments were awarded to officers with at least 20 years of service and based on a points system used in other housing schemes, Chief Superintendent of Police Abdulla Nawaz told local media.

The awarding of flats marks the beginning of the POLCO project, which is seeking private investment for a further 150 apartments, said Commissioner Riyaz during Monday’s ceremony.

Last month, 50 apartments on Hulhumale’ were handed over to police officers by President Dr Mohamed Waheed, who expressed hope that more housing would be made available exclusively for police and military officers.

Since the controversial transfer of presidential power involving elements of the police force, 1000 officers have been promoted and 110 new officers were hired. More recruits have been sought for a “special constabulary” reserve force, a loan scheme has been established for officers, and arrangements have been made for officers and their families to receive cheap accommodations and medical treatment in Sri Lanka.

The Maldives Police Service had not responded to Minivan News’ enquiries at time of press.

MNDF flats

Meanwhile, the government has re-started construction of 300 housing units on Hulhumale’, specifically for MNDF officers.

President Waheed, Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim, and senior MNDF officials laid the foundation stone for the apartment complex during a ceremony held on Hulhumale’ yesterday.

The apartments will be given to female officers who had not been previously awarded housing units, as well as to retired officers, the MNDF told local media.

Once constructed, the housing units would provide MNDF personnel and their families “adequate accommodation” as many are currently “living under a degree of hardship, having to rent their living spaces,” Waheed said during yesterday’s ceremony. Nazim added that the project would provide facilities such as playgrounds, a swimming pool, and a gym for residents.

President Waheed also awarded 50 apartments to MNDF personnel and their families last month, although seven of these flats had yet to be assigned.

Waheed noted during yesterday’s ceremony that the provision of shelter for military personnel was not an act of kindness, but rather a government obligation.

“The development and welfare of personnel should be improved in accordance with financial capability of the government, and the flats awarded today provides evidence of that fact,” Defence Minister Nazim stated at the time.

In April 2012, MNDF officers were given two years of allowances in a lump sum, which amounted to MVR 150 million (US$10 million) for the institution.

The Maldives National Defence Force was also not responding to enquiries at time of press.

“Patronage” continues: MDP

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) believes the award of 600 housing units to MNDF and MPS officers is a continuation of the patronage system established during former President Maumoon Gayoom’s 30-year autocratic rule.

“In the light of extensive exposes, such ‘patronage’ is familiar to voters from the single party dictatorship of Gayoom and I believe they will simply say to each other ‘I told you so’,” MDP MP and Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor told Minivan News today (September 3).

The MDP previously raised concerns about whether the already constructed flats – which it contends forms part of the “Veshi Fahi” Male’ (decongestion) project launched under the previous government in 2011 – were being given to the “needy” and most deserving.

Ghafoor said it was “very concerning” that police should be given flats exclusively, to the detriment of teachers, doctors and other civilians. He also questioned how officers themselves had been selected for the process.

While some of the officers may have deserved the housing, there was concern that some officers involved in last year’s mutiny had been rewarded with flats, claimed Ghafoor.

Last month, President Waheed requested parliament approval to obtain a US$29.4 million loan from the Bank of Ceylon to finance the government’s budget and manage cash flow.

The Ministry of Finance and Treasury was seeking to secure the loan as a way to “enforce” the 2013 budget approved by parliament, stated a letter from the President’s Office read during a parliament session held on August 13.


11 thoughts on “Six hundred flats awarded to police and military”

  1. What about the doctors, nurses, health workers and teachers? Are they doing a lesser job than the military or the police? Why do ONLY the police and military deserve special privileges?

    It certainly is a straight copy out of the Gayyoom era patronage system. This type of patronage is typical of hardline communist states such as North Korea or Burma. Waheed is desperately trying to bribe the police and the military to keep him in power.

  2. I seriously wonder if enough cops have now been bought, so that should the election results not go the way the current govt wants, then there could be another coup disguised as a people's uprising ...

    So much money has been spent (wasted) trying to maintain power, that I hardly think the current govt will be graceful in its defeat, or that they will bow to a different democratically elected leader ...

  3. The right questions to ask here is why this police corporation is formed, why is the police cooperation allowed to seek private funding.... Ding ding dung ding a great legal way has been set up for police bribery.

    Why was every one silent on this, due to the nature of police work I.e working side by side with the judiciary and the public, and the powers vested in the institution, the current nation wide police force has become a major player in the political arena. This Polco and Sifco is a set up for a Pakistan style security forces.

  4. The countries most useless, corrupt and incompetent group of people are getting a bonus worth more than the sum of 20 years worth of salary of an average citizen. It doesn't get more disgusting than this.

    At least we now know were to dump our garbage.

  5. Oh c'mon...other media reports that foundation for 300 flats for the military was set...not awarded.

    Besides, why do you always go after them to bismarch their name? They are the ones who have to sacrifice themselves when the need arise, leaving behind their grieving families...not civil servants such as teachers, doctors, nurses & lawyers & so forth. so there's no way anyone can compare military to any other profession or line of work

  6. Let us hope the recipients of the new flats do not take part in any 'coup attempt' after the new president is elected......he he he.
    Maybe it should be written into the tenancy agreement.....''if you attempt to overthrow the democratically elected president, you tenancy will be terminated immediately''.
    What about allotting some flats to the Maldivian Bodyboarders who have won some obscure and weird award in Australia?

  7. @Aisha on Wed, 4th Sep 2013 9:18 AM

    "They are the ones who have to sacrifice themselves when the need arise, leaving behind their grieving families…not civil servants such as teachers, doctors, nurses..."

    This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Doctors and nurses are saving lives every single day, 365 days a year. When your life is in danger, who do you turn to? If you value their work the way you seem to do, you do not value life itself.

    How many men and women in the military "sacrificed themselves" (as you put it), in the last 20 years when the "need arose"?

  8. ABABS..." Doctors and nurses are saving lives every single day, 365 days a year...'

    I like that brother that's beautiful.

  9. Our leaders are playing a dangerous game here.

    There are ambitions within the security forces to establish something akin to military rule if the political chaos provides such an opportunity.

    Granting financial independence to the military (they have leased out their own island for resort development to raise funds for their own welfare) and the same for the police means that these institutions will eventually start asserting themselves even more than they do now within the political system.

    Whatever happens in the upcoming vote, it is in the best interests of all civilian parties involved to amend/abolish Article 245 of the Constitution which grants the security forces the right to rebel/mutiny.

  10. "Aisha" (I'll use this name loosely to refer to you from now on)

    We attack them because they're the military wing of a gang who oppresses us. If you wear the gang colors, you're guilty by association.

    Now can you stop? The Ruder Finn contract ran out some time ago. You have no business trying to whitewash the enemy's atrocities.


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