Health awareness and consultation programme held in Maafuashi

Yesterday, a health awareness and consultation programme organised by the Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives was held in Maafushi, in Kaafu Atoll.

The programme was held in collaboration with ADK Hospital, Maafushi Council, and the Maldives Medical Association.

”In the camp, apart from consultations screening was done for hypertension and diabetes mellitus. A public lecture also was delivered on common health issues to the general public by Dr Mohamwd Wisham and Dr Hamza Solih, and Mr. Mohamed Mustofa,” a statement about the awareness programme stated.

The health camp was conducted by Dr Hamza Solih (ADK Hospital) Dr Mohamed Wisham (ADK Hospital), Executive Committee Member (Maldives Medical Association) Dr Tata Rao (ADK hospital), and Mr Mohamed Mustofa (Phycotherapist) (Maldives institute for psychological services, training and reserach) the statement said.