Police urge public vigilance as hunt for “dangerous” convicts continues

Police have called upon the public to be vigilant as the search for two escaped convicts continues.

“The Maldives Police Services appeal to the beloved public to be aware of two dangerous criminals who were escaped from Maafushi Jail where they were serving life sentences,” read a police statement today.

Authorities have today reported no progress in the search for two convicts who escaped on Friday (October 17).

Ibrahim Shahum Adam – aged 23, and Fariyash Ahmed – aged 26 – were both serving life sentences for separate murder cases.

Police have pledged to take action against any persons withholding information regarding the whereabouts of Shahum and Fariyash, calling on the public to pass any information they may have to the following numbers: 332 2111 or 9911099.

Correctional services working alongside the Maldives National Defence Force have conducted searches of the area surrounding Maafushi, but told Haveeru today that there had been no developments in the search.

Authorities have searched the island, 17 miles from the capital Malé – also home to the highest number of guest houses in the country – and has notified nearby resorts.

Haveeru has reported that the pair escaped by sawing through an air vent after having identified a blind spot in the perimeter security. Home Minister Umar Naseer has described the escape as a good opportunity to learn about loop holes in security.

In August 2010 police arrested Shahum in connection with the murder of 17-year-old Mohamed Hussein. After extending his detention for six months, the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed released him citing a lack of cooperation from the then Nasheed government.

Shahum went on to stab 21 year-old Ahusan Basheer after being released. He was later taken into custody from an uninhabited island and charged with terrorism in relation to Hussein’s murder.

Fariyash was sentenced to life imprisonment for his part in the murder of Mohamed Shihab, from Kaduolhi in Gaaf Alif Villigili, on the island of Maamendhoo in 2006.


2 thoughts on “Police urge public vigilance as hunt for “dangerous” convicts continues”

  1. Did I hear this correct: Police urge public vigilantes as hunt for “dangerous” convicts.;)

  2. As a member of the public, I urge the police to be more vigilant of the criminals they like to vote for, let lose and turn a blind eye on. I also beg you consider to capture and retain them in custody if you will be so kind,

    When the authorities don't do their job, the janta starts to take over. This is happening, and it is going to lead to more extremist influence.

    We should be scared. We should be very scared.


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