Health Minister Dr Jamsheed resigns

Health Minister Dr Ahmed Jamsheed resigned from the cabinet last week.

President’s Office Media Secretary Masood Imad told local media that Jamsheed resigned to assume a post at the World Health Organisation (WHO).

According to a statement by the President’s Office today, President Dr Mohamed Waheed “thanked him for his valuable services during his tenure as the Health Minister towards the development of the health sector.”

Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights Dr Aamal Ali has been appointed the Acting Minister of Health.

Dr Jamsheed was appointed health minister on February 12, 2012 following the controversial transfer of presidential power five days earlier. He was serving as the Chief Operation Officer at the ADK private hospital after resigning from the director general post at the Centre for Community Health and Disease Control (CCHDC).

With Dr Jamsheed’s resignation, the posts of Attorney General, Home Minister, Foreign Minister and Health Minister are currently vacant with a week left for the expiration of the current presidential term.


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