Speaker regrets “false” allegations by MP Muttalib of Indian-backed coup

Speaker of Parliament Abdulla Shahid has expressed regret over “false” allegations by MP Ibrahim Muttalib claiming that parliament was planning to establish a 100-strong military force armed by India for the speaker to assume the presidency on November 11 in the absence of a president-elect.

A press release by the parliament secretariat on Saturday (November 2) stated that Shahid “regretted” the Adhaalath Party MPs’ remarks, which could “incite fear among the public and sow discord.”

“The Speaker of the People’s Majlis said that he assures the Maldivian people at this opportunity that he would not do anything in violation of the constitution of the Republic of Maldives,” the statement read.

Muttalib’s allegations at an Adhaalath Party press conference on Saturday followed the swearing-in of retired Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) first lieutenant Mohamed Haleem as the parliament’s sergeant at arms, who would be in charge of overseeing security of the Majlis premises – a task presently carried out by the military.

Parliament also announced plans to hire two deputies and four assistants to the sergeant at arms as well as 100 security officers to form a security unit that would take over from the MNDF.

The decision to set up the unit has since been slammed by the Defence Ministry, contending that overseeing security of parliament was among the security services’ constitutional duties.

The parliament’s press statement meanwhile noted that the post of sergeant at arms was among the Majlis officers listed in provision 11(a) of the parliamentary rules of procedure.

It added that Mohamed Haleem was appointed to the position following interviews conducted by the General Affairs Committee with interested candidates, after which it had proposed three names to the Majlis floor.

Haleem’s nomination was approved with 56 votes in favour out of the 57 MPs who participated in the vote, the statement noted, which included MPs from the government-aligned Progressive Party of Maldives, Jumhooree Party and the Maldivian Development Alliance.

The structure of parliament service employees to assist the sergeant at arms was determined by the General Affairs Committee, the statement added.

On October 27, parliament approved a proposal by the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party for the Speaker of Parliament to assume the presidency in the absence of a president-elect at midnight on November 10.

At the Adhaalath Party press conference, Muttalib claimed that the purpose of establishing the security unit was to prepare for an attack if the police and military refuse to cooperate with Speaker Shahid becoming caretaker president on November 11 if there was no president-elect.

The Fares-Maathoda MP also alleged that the Indian government and GMR could provide weapons to parliament, adding that the formation of “two governments” would inevitably lead to bloodshed.

“Shahid is preparing to get himself sworn into office on November 11. So they are establishing a military force of 100 armed officers. India is heavily involved in this plot. Otherwise we wouldn’t be concerned about this. Given the present actions of India, we cannot rule them out being involved in such a thing. So this is a Majlis orchestrated coup to facilitate that,” Muttalib was quoted as saying in local media.

The governments of India, Britain, Canada and Denmark would then recognise the new administration, Muttalib claimed, after which Indian troops would arrive to protect Shahid’s government amidst the resulting chaos.


10 thoughts on “Speaker regrets “false” allegations by MP Muttalib of Indian-backed coup”

  1. Muttalib is one of a kind.

    He is more dangerous to a community, than a cornered cobra.

    Little wonder that he is the only camel-beard, elected. And where else, but from the furthest corners of Maldives.

    This guy must be whipped raw in front of public for making these false accusations, on the fact that he is trying con and mislead and take advantage of, a lot of gullible Maldivian people.

  2. (1) The Speaker doesn't need his own private militia, nor does he need to organise a coup. Those who can read, should read the Constitution. Those who have the mental capacity might even understand that the Constitution says that the Speaker shall take over the Executive if the seat of the President becomes vacant on 11th November for ANY reason.

    (2) Here's the message for those who believe that the Constitution is silent on what happens on 11th November. If the Constitution does really have such a big hole in it, then there's only one solution to that, i.e. amending it.

    Now, you cannot involve the Supreme Court in this for the simple reason that the Supreme Court cannot "interpret" what is supposedly absent from the Constitution! The SC is only empowered to "interpret" what is actually present in the Constitution.

    If there's am omission from the Constitution, there's only one body that can do something about that, i.e. the law makers in Majlis.

  3. The constitution is clear on the matter that the Speaker take over if a president is not elected by NOV 11, the MP have passed a temporary bill even further confirming this transfer of power according to the constitution. Any person or institution who obstructs this transfer of power would be committing a criminal offence.

    Link to the constitution

    Kiyuhvaalahvaa sofhaa 85 Nukuthaa 124 ge shaviyani.

  4. This retard out of inbreeding is going to cost Maldives dear. Its greatly unfortunate that Muttalib's words are going to sow discord among the maldivians as they are more fed with rhetoric than proper media coverage on issues.

    This unfortunate accident of the people of Maldives should be shipped out of the country and left to the sea to decide his fate.

    Its real unfortunate that India is dragged into this mess. His statements just tends to make a number of enemies against India among the Maldivians. Such an absurd shame.

  5. there is a reasonable ground to believe Muthalib comments.

    India had tried and are still trying to manipulate this country and they are directly interfering with our internal issues.

    Both India and GMR is financing Nasheed . Why India and GMR is not financing other candidates. If India really like to help this country then they should rather help the Government or they need to help presidential candidates equally.

    Why India treats differently.

    Why India trying to make our life difficult by putting extra burden on trade activity between the two country etc.

  6. in one word
    who is muttalib, he is a crazy ass hole who is not fit to become a Majlis member.
    he should be given harsh punishment making these false allegations,without any proof.

    once again kick out of that muttalib from the parliment.

  7. Holy Krishna, when will you short, fat and dim people of Maldives realise that we Indians have not the slightest interest in the squalid politics of your country.....from the events of recent months, you are quite capable of making a mess of everything without interference from us 'cow worshippers'.
    I for one cannot wait for you to screw up the next found of the presendential elections.....you dumb morons couldn't organise a drinks party in a brewery, never mind an election.

  8. @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb

    It seems to me the SC involves itself in matters it should not be involved in at will. Where in the constitution does it say the SC can determine how an election is run?

    Why should it just stop there? The SC will probably have another midnight bun feast (yes with sone Thai girls and white wine) and come up with a ruling that Ibrahim is the legal President.

  9. @Private Tourist.

    Dead people cant make rulings. Have you ever considered that fact?


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