Health Ministry raises private clinic charge concerns

The Maldives Ministry of Health could be set to reprimand certain private medical clinics that are claimed to have increased their consultation charges without its permission as the value of rufiyaa falls against the US dollar.

Haveeru has reported that the ministry has raised concerns that some clinics had failed to seek permission from the country’s health officials before increasing their consultation prices from the previous rate of Rf200 by up to 50 percent in certain cases.

According to the paper, Director General of Health Services, Dr Ibrahim Yasir, said that the ministry would be investigating these consultancy costs and could potentially move to fine and revoke licenses from certain private clinics that were deemed to not be working within their remit by hiking prices.

Despite the criticisms over charges, the ministry was said to accept that the cost of imported medical consumables had risen on the back of a changing dollar exchange rate.

Yasir claimed to the paper that in light of amendments to the exchange rate, it would be reviewing submissions by private clinics that are seeking to increase their charges accordingly.